devbandi scoundrel (لكع) slanders alahazrat

Discussion in 'Refutation' started by Wadood, Jan 24, 2015.

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  1. Wadood

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    Brother AbdalQadir has pinned down the reality of Pakistan above, but for the urban educational classes. This has already taken place. The common western educated man on the Pakistani city street does indeed usually lose it with "the mullah" in general and brush both B's and D's off the same way, without reognizing haqq and batil

    This is what i noticed talking to thousands of Pakistanis from every walk of life but western educated and not deeply connected to religious circles. You can find them in the US and Canada, as they form the majority of the immigrants. They cannot really differentiate between Sunni and deobandi mullahs.
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  2. Sag-e-Attar786

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    regarding amir liaquat he recently attended an 'izzat e Rasool conference with pir irfan shah sab syed muzaffar hussain shah saab and hazrat khadim hussain rizvi. he even did a speech in which he said something like irfan shah saab inviting me is a sign of the acceptance of my tawbah
  3. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    the price of all this is that the Sunni "aam-aadmi" or common man can and will fall for the rabble rousing of deobandi scoundrels like the one shown in the original post because he, like shaytan, will certainly occasionally make the right points with the evilest of intentions, and Sunni scholars will have no answer

    why are the (pakistani) "Barelvis" soft on tahir?

    why are the (pakistani) "Barelvis" soft on shias?

    if in their responses, the Sunni scholars try to use political discourse and diversionary tactics like the deos themselves, then guess what? the common guy on the street will just loose it with "the mullah" in general and brush them both ("Barelvis" and "deobandis") off the same way people think of two opposing politicians. "Barelvis" and deobandis will be reduced to just two opposing cults or two opposing political parties, not haqq and batil!

    mqm is an organized crime gang and that's all there is to it. politically they have no vision or direction other than paying chanda to fund altaf bhai's dole checks in the uk. on political issues they're like a monkey jumping from branch to branch and tree to tree. the other parties may be inept but at least they have some consistency in their stupidity.

    Sunnis will pay a very heavy price for aligning themselves with mqm and its interests. if they think mqm will bring Sunniyat any good, they are mistaken. in fact, they're mistaken even if they think mqm will bring any political good to any demographic at all. shia leaders and intellectuals of mqm like hyder abbas rizvi even promote qadiani writers and "thinkers".

    the 2006 nishtar park bombings at the Milad Shareef gathering was carried out by mqm. some high profile Sunnis know about this, yet they stayed silent.

    Sunni scholars of pakistan will pay a very heavy price for staying silent on a bunch of issues - both religious as well as political/social! they need to get into the thick of things, both political and religious, and on ALL matters; and leave their personal asceticism aside least they want to write off the common man to the deobandi, the wahabi, the shia, the sulah kulli and in extreme cases even qadianis!

    if they take up only selected issues, like jj, they face a very uphill battle!
  4. Wadood

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    you are right, but there is the big elephant in the room, " politics "

    Amir Liaqat is an MQM supporter. He is a politician like Dr Tahir. The mandate of MQM is unity among Muslim groups. The Shiites of Karachi [ migrants from different parts of India ] are a powerful, engrained force within MQM ranks. Their significance and religious feelings cannot be ignored according to die hard MQM supporters. Their organization, ISO, is a significant gang in Karachi. This is the reason why Aamir Liaqat puts them on stage. Of course, the vast majority of MQM supporters are pure Sunnis, and so they are on stage too.

    Deobandis are also put on stage by Aamir Liaqat, but the mellow ones.

    To not include Shiite Twelvers on stage is political suicide for Aamir Liaqat in Karachi. Shiites in Pakistan are an ancient community, extremely powerful, well established, and significant cultural community like Awadh in Uttar Pradesh. They are more than deobandis. They are no less than 17 million. The deobandis and wahabis in Pakistan are a relatively new phenonmenon (they came with migrants from india), and they are considered outsiders to the inherent Sunni and rafidi fabric of the country.

    In Pakistan there are regions that are totally or majority Shiite. Khurram Agency, Gilgit, Baltistan, Hunza, areas of Hangu. It is considered against national security to sideline them from the political front, which Amir Liaqat knows about and promotes. But he mixes religion into it.
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  5. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    i would rather die before repeating some of the stuff that this dog is barking out, even if only to quote the shias.

    it's been an old deobandi and wahabi tactic to equate Sunnis to shias or to propose some sort of a collaboration between "Barelvis" and shias.

    no one can be that dumb. just flipping the pages of Fatawa Ridawiyya can show Ala Hazrat's and our position on the rawafid, la3anahumullah. no Sunni mufti after him either has been soft on shias.

    that's as far as principles go.


    coming to ground realities

    the shaytan amir liaqat's organizing shows where Sunni ulema sit side by side with rawafid certainly will have and has had dire consequences.

    i've always hated with a passion this sharing the stage with rafidis thing. our elders were right. never befriend a fool (aamir liaqat here, the mark hanson of the east!).

    associations with ary qtv (a tahir supporter) and the shia-loving miraasi aamir liaqat has shown its negative fallback.

    and yes, i have always feared the pakistani Sunnis' mellowness on the khurafat of the shia will come back to bite them. i've always maintained that our harshness should be meted out in equal measure to the deobandis/wahabis and shias.


    deobandis like this barking dog are evil and deliberately misleading.

    but our pakistani Sunni ulema have made major political & media blunders in the recent past and we would be fools to ignore it. Allahu a3lam, maybe this jj issue was the point they woke up.

    for starters, tahir is the dajjal in the room they just can't miss.
  6. abu Hasan

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    is he just another idiot, or is he someone who has a standing among devbandis? if it is the latter, then it is obvious that the idiots cannot understand simple urdu ibaraat. if not, he is purposely distorting it out of spite.

    do you want to take your knowledge of deen from such people who are either stupid or spiteful that they purposely distort simple and valid sentences in vengeance (after being caught red-handed in crime).
  7. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    idiot. jahil. paaji. ahmaq.

    every malady has a cure except stupidity.

    sunni ulama should drag this scoundrel for a munazara to substantiate his charges against alahazrat and challenge the devbandi jamat to either consider this man their representative and substantiate his stupid rambling, or distance from him.

    if he cannot, he should apologise.

    sharm tum ko magar nahiN aati.
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  8. Adam Yahya

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  9. Abu Hafsah

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    What is this?? could any one clarify about this quote from Hadaaqie bakshish?? Seems to me the book was tampered??


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