devbandis traducing alahazrat for ibriz quote

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    A shaykh having knowledge of his mureeds actions is so unacceptable yet they find this easily acceptable...

    • Any person, on whom Hazrat (Nizamuddin Deen al-Umri) cast his gaze would become a Shahid-e-Shuhood immediately. (page.192, Saadiq publications)
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    Sh Abu Hasan

    have a look at this one

    scan pages from deobandi creed with english translation to help all deobandi learn their creed

    Deobandi Scholar Mawlana Aashiq Ilahi Merathi has translated this book. Here is the scan of his translation.



    Translation of Deobandi Edition of Al Ibriz

    “ Once I had my both wife in the same house and we had four bed. Both of my wife slept on separate bed and I slept on the third bed and the fourth bed was vacant. During night , assuming my one wife to be sleeping , I had physical relationship with the second one and later, assuming my second wife to be sleeping I had physical relationship with the first. When I went to meet the shaykh he asked “what do scholars of Jurisprudence say on the issue of having two wives in the same house and having physical relationship with them? I understood that the shaykh was making an indication towards what I have done.
    Hence I asked “Shaykh how did you come to know”. The Shaykh replied” And Who do you think was sleeping in the fourth bed?”

    Tthe translation done by Deobandi Mawlana Aashiq Ilahi , is word to word translation of the original Arabic.

    Here is the accurate English translation done by O’Kane and Radke . ( Taken from some where on the internet). The concerned passage reads as follows

    P 159 of English translation:

    “Another of these is that one night I brought together two of my wives in a single accommodation for the night, with the excuse that one of them was hindered from spending the night in her house. Each of them bedded down for the night in her own separate bedding, and I bedded down for the night by myself in my own separate bedding. And a fourth bed in the room remained unoccupied by anyone during the night. Then my carnal soul called me to have intercourse with one of the two wives, and I had intercourse with her, thinking that the other was asleep. When I’d slept a little, I arose and had intercourse with the other one, thinking that the first one was now asleep. Afterwards when I went to visit the Shaykh – and this I did quite frequently despite the great distance- one day he began to joke with me and at a certain moment he said: “What do you (religious scholars) say about bringing together two wives in one residence and having intercourse with both of them?” I understood he was referring to what I’d done. I asked: “Oh Sayyidi, how did you known about this?” He replied: “Who do you think was sleeping in the fourth bed?”

    This book Al Ibriz is available online in original Arabic in Pdf form.

    The readers can now see 3 different translation along with the original Arabic work.

    First , the short narration of this incidence by Imam Ahmed Raza , in which he has neither mentioned the complete incidence ( like getting up in the night and other details) nor the word to word translation. He has simply mentioned this incidence to make a point that a good shaykh can perform miracles ( he was answering question on Tasawwuf), so he mentions at the end of his paragraph” A shaykh is never separate from his student”

    Second translation is from the Deobandi version of Al Ibriz.

    Third translation is by some one who is educated and qualified to translate Arabic into English.

    After reading these 3 translation, one can think, what problem did Deobandi scholar Khalid Mahmood had in the translation of Imam Ahmed Raza (rh)?

    To know this , please read second part of this article.


    Khalid Deobandi says

    “ To suggest that a shaykh can sleep near the wife of his student is not correct. ….Shaykah Dabbagh never said that he was on the fourth bed. This was a evil wish from the evil nature of (Imam Ahmed Raza )Khan Sahab. Mufti Mazrallah has written that Khan sahab had naughty nature. Khan sahab did not have any shame in making these type of lies.”

    Khalid Deobandi continues….

    “ When the student asked “ Shaykh , How did you come to know “? The shaykh replied” Who do you think was sleeping in the fourth bed?”. This answer of shaykh was not meant to mean that he was in the fourth bed. The shaykh only meant that he knows that their was a fourth bed. He wanted to tell his student that , not only he knows what happened in night but also that he knows how many beds the house has. Shaykh only told one more information about ghayb ( shaykh ne khabat ghaybi per ek aur izafa farmaya ki chouthey palang per kaun tha). When Allah unveils the knowledge of Ghayb ( unseen ) from his beloved creratures , this is called “Kashf”.

    Khalid Deobandi continues

    “ Our main concern is why did Imam Ahmed Raza lie? Why did he say that Shaykh Dabbagh said that he was on the fourth bed . Ahemd Raza could have easily made a ‘tawil ‘ ( interpretation) and said that shaykh meant to his student ‘ that how can you visit your wife when a stranger was sleeping in the fourth bed. Shaykh Dabbagh was only informing his student that he even knows that their was a fourth bed . He never meant or said that he was sleeping on the fourth bed. Ahmed Raza should have had little shame. BUT KHAN SAHAB WANTED TO PROVE FROM THIS INCIDENCE THAT SHAYKH CAN SLEEP NEAR THE WIFE OF STUDENT (DISCIPLE).

    Khalid Deobandi continues….

    “Khan sahab has fabricated the story in such a way so as to look that four beds were at different place. The first two beds of student and his first wife at one place and the other two beds, one of the second wife and the OTHER OF THE SHAYKH Dabbagh at other place. All this is a lie. All four beds were together. So this question ( of Imam Ahmed Raza) was useless that’ was there any other bed around the other wife”

    A few lines later , Khalid Deobandi continues….

    “ Why did Khan sahab not mention this fact that the student had physical relationship with both the wives on that night? There can be only one reason why he did not mention this. HE WANTED TO PROVE THAT THE STUDENT HAD PHYSICAL RELATIONSHIP WITH THE FIRST WIFE AND THE SHAYKH HAD PHYSCIAL RELATIONSHIP WITH SECOND WIFE . THIS side “ he “ ( student) , that side shaykh
    ( Idher yeh udher wah).

    After writing this Khalid Deobandi says…

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    kitab al-ibriz, p.31:

    ibriz, p31.png
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    arey pagal deobandi molvi, who did the translation of Ibriz and why didn't that deobandi object to the statement in Ibriz, if you deobandi translates into URDU is ok, if ALAHAZRAT quotes "astagfirullah from where you got this creed"
    arrey pagal aadmi, aqal ka istemal kar

    Gift for Zameel Deobandi & Gang
    Muḥammad 'Āshiq Ilāhī Bulandshahrī


    Now Sh. Abu Hasan, regarding Sub'Han Subbuh,
    can you have a look at this

    and this

    Same books ?

    the book uploaded on has this by the uploader
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    alahazrat wrote hundreds of books. and fatawa. but they are all beyond the reach of these farceurs and punchinellos. they pick up comments from his malfuz sharif which are short impromptu answers and try to twist them, quote out of context and lie.

    if the devbandi has guts - i dare him to read the first ten pages of sub'Han al-subbuH, if he wants to show off his scholarship. and with Allah as his witness (that is, if he believes in Allah and judgement day), let him try to read it and make a video about it.

    he himself is reading that alahazrat has quoted sijilmasi from his al-ibriz; alahazrat is only reporting it. and if he must indeed create a scene about this statement, he should excoriate sijilmasi and al-ibriz instead of alahazrat.
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