Difference between miracles and istidraj

Discussion in 'Refutation' started by Aqdas, Jan 16, 2021.

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    as for the miracles and istidraj, here is an excerpt from the upcoming release (i know i know...) of bahar e shariat:

    bes excerpt.png
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    what a bunch of clowns. utter nincompoops.

    the idiot on the right says quoting: "shaytan pakka muwahhid" hai.
    the idiot on the left says: "ma'azAllah.."

    i invite both the morons to go read the qur'an and learn with a teacher like shaykh asrar, about the meaning of this verse. mufti ahmad yar khan's tafsir is a translation of this verse.

    surah hashr, s59:v16.


    obviously, the devil - satan - KNOWS that there is no God except Allah. and he has seen paradise - so his KNOWLEDGE of tawhid is firm; but he is a kafir. so, shayTan/iblis is certainly and undoubtedly a kafir, but technically, he is not a mushrik - meaning, he does not associate partners to ALlah and KNOWS that Allah is One. thus, literally, he is a muwaHHid - meaning believes that Allah is One. just as it is said in the qur'an.

    surah ibrahim, s14:v22:


    imam baghawi in his ma'alim al-tanzil, v1 p.64 says:

    taf.baghawi, v1p64.png

    quick summary of the above:

    there are four types of kufr:

    1. kufr inkar - disbelief by rejection

    2. kufr juHud - disbelief of refusal; refusing to believe

    3. kufr `inad - disbelief of obduracy;

    4. kufr nifaq - disbelief due to hypocrisy.

    kufr inkar - does not recognise Allah ta'ala as the One God, nor acknowledges.

    kufr juHud - knows that Allah is One in his heart; but does not accept it with his tongue, like the disbelief of iblis or the jews

    kufr inad - knows that Allah is one by heart and expresses by the tongue; but does not accept islam.

    kufr nifaq - expresses islam on the tongue but does not believe it in the heart.

    isn't it surprising that the devbandi clowns are showing faux-horror on the apparent 'praise' of shaytan, when their own maulvi elevated the accursed satan's knowledge beyond tawHid! al iyadhu billah.

    calling someone muwahhid or a monotheist doesn't automatically count as praise. one can be a muwaHHid and still be a kafir.

    wAllahu a'alam.
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