Do Rulings Change With Time

Discussion in 'Usul al-Fiqh' started by Mohammad Hassan Raza, Jun 14, 2009.

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  1. Assalaamu Alaykum

    Qur'an Shareef is the only Kitaab Allah that Was, is and will remain Unaltered for ever... Hadeeth Shareef remains unaltered.. and so are the many Practises of mUslims.. and that is the reasoon why Islam remains the Only Religion whose Essence is not marred with TIME!!

    Injeel Shareef, Turayt Shareef and Zabour Shareef , were changed by the respective people of these Qaums, in away Mr. Half0-headed Sherman says to adapt to the modern changes... They were the Kitaabs sent by ALLAH AZZWAJAL to HIS Anbiya-e-Karaam Hazraat 'Alayhe Salaam to Guide the People of Their Qaum... When Humans themselves need Guidance From ALLAH TA"ALA AZZAWAJAL , how can they change the GUIDING PATH(Religion) to suite their own way..??

    For eg:- Sarkaar A'ala Hazrat Rahmatullah 'Alayh says "Perfumes with Alcohol is Haraam".. we all know this ... And suddenly a liberal half-witted says.."Since today's world is changing, it is a modern world blah.. blah.. so one can put on Alcoholic scents..." what is this?

    Presently, It has reached now to a point, that only small reforms are voiced by these Liberal, nincompoops.. Who knows abt. tomorrow when someone more idiot born would say, "Why not have same -Sex marriage allowed?"... U never know...!!

    So what I am trying to say is :- "Islam is not Christianity, where Peter single-handedly changed the Entire Bible.. nor is it Judaism that we Start worshipping a damned Gold calf which speaks.. while our Master Sarkaar Salallahu 'Alayhe Wasallam has performed Purdah from Zaahiri Dunya..(Because the two-faced Jews did it When Hazrat Sarkaar Moosa 'Alayhe Salaam went to Get Turayt Shareef From ALLAH AZZAWAJAL )...

    We Are Musalmaan, The Ummah Of The Greatest Rasool Sarkaar-e-Madeenah Sallallahu 'Alayhe Wasallam ... And INSHA ALLAH TA'ALAH AZZAWAJAL Till the Last Drop Our Blood We Shall Strive And Struggle To Work For SUNNAT and SUNNIYAT..


  2. azizq

    azizq Well-Known Member

    Looking for American Imams

    "Islam in America is trying to create a new cultural matrix that can survive in the broader context of America," said Prof. Sherman Jackson, who teaches Arabic and Islamic law at the University of Michigan. "It has to change for the religion to survive."

    The last paragraph is preposterous.

    The notion that a religion needs to change in order to survive typifies Christianity and Judaism. I remind you of the call of the Mufti of the great mosque of Paris in the 60's to European Christians who were losing their faith en masse due to the Vatican reforms: "Come to Islam, the immutable Religion."

    If only Jackson were referring to the relentless assault of worldliness on all things spiritual which characterizes the ultra- materialist American society, he would have a point (though poorly phrased). However, with his words being cited in the wake of the article's suggestion of the hijab as outmoded, his position is dubious.

    GF Haddad
  3. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    yes, he is surely talking of primary issues that can never change.
  4. azizq

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    Yes your right, but that is different, and not what the Shaykh is getting at. I think he is referring to those Muslim modernists and apologists, who are misleading the public with the minority fiqh garbage... those who are saying its ok to take of Hijab at work, its ok to shake hands with the oppisite of sexes, Men and Women are equal etc etc.
  5. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    there are some rulings, though, that can change with time, right?

    e.g. mufti akmal mentioned something about in the early days, the fuqaha said one should not say salam to the one who misses prayers because there were very few of them but nowadays, because there are many who don't pray; it would be damaging not to say salam to them.

    what do you think?
  6. azizq

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