Dr. Muhammad Said Ramadan al-Bouti of Syria.

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  1. Moriarty

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    At 8 minutes onward Shaykh Buti refutes Perennialism. There are many other recordings where he has done the same:


    This would show that his name on the Amman Agreement carries no significance as he refutes such concepts. The name must have been added without permission as what happened with some others.
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    This video refutes the claims of Shaykh Sabuni regarding Shaykh Buti.

    Points to note: 1. Clips of Shaykh Buti praying janazah for protesters 2'. Shaykh Buti explains why he cried over Hafiz Assad' s dead body 3. Shaykh Buti reprimanded the army.

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    People spread misinformation and this video clarifies that:


    At the end of the video there is a clip of Christian George Sabra. George is a part of FSA. He mentions that they sent young men into Ommayad Masjid to protest. These young men were not worshippers.

    Yaqoubi Sahib mentioned George Sabra as a potential leader of Syria. Any cult members wanting the reference I can provide it.
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  11. AbdalQadir

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    The man always had been a shaytan, but some "intellectual" fanboys simply couldn't digest it. Those people still think that it is personalities who dictate what deen is, rather than the other way round. It's just that now the true face of zanadiq like him and hassoun have come out!
  12. AbdalQadir

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    is it true that al-buti saw a guy beaten/shot in a mosque, and then openly said "i saw nothing" and all this was caught on camera?

    some Syrians have told me of this and most Syrians i know don't like al-buti or hassoun.
  13. kattarsunni

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    Someone I know said "These people have lost their compass."

    Some scholars have returned to Syria to fight the regime. Shaykh Sariya Rifai amongst others.
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  17. Abu Aleshba

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    The story about Sheikh Buti has been corrected.


    Buti [not] Expelled From Mosque – Soldiers enter Kanaker: 8 Killed

    Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

    Correction: Buti was NOT expelled from a mosque

    Scooby said: Dear Josh,
    Your title “Buti expelled from mosque” is extremely misleading. The clips that you show are from MONTHS ago, when the protests started to spread to Damascus. They occurred AFTER the Friday prayers were finished and when some people rushed the pulpit shouting anti-government slogans. All of the clips that follow took place in the week following that sermon, back in March.
    Dear Joshua, The video with al-Buti is an old one, it dates back to the second Friday of demonstrations (March 25). Al-Buti was not expelled from the mosque, he just fled because he didn’t want to appear as a supporter of the demonstrators (which he’s not, of course). His comments on the demonstrators “who do not know how to pray” was broadcasted on TV before the Friday sermon on March 25 (either Thursday 24 or Friday morning). He was commenting on the first demonstration in the Umayyad Mosque on Friday March 18. Best, Thomas

    Dear Scooby and Thomas, many thanks for this correction. I was duped by this well crafted video forgery below. There are many misleading and falsified videos going around. I have frequently criticized the main stream press for not doing due diligence. Now I have been burned. Mea culpa. I have frequently used Buti as a measure of the “Sunni street.” He is a much respected Imam. I know he has many critics today because of his pro-stability stand, but for him to be expelled from a mosque would be big news and a turning point, of a kind. Thanks for correcting me. I count on the collective knowledge of this discussion board. Merci]

  18. chisti-raza

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    I am simply appalled at the manner in which senior scholars (especially those that we don't have an emotional attachment to) and their opinions are discussed!
  19. kattarsunni

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    Shaykh Ramadan aluti hafidhahuAllah is Ahl alSunna.

    He has mistakes but nothing to say that he has rejected a thing known by necessity within Ahl alSunna.

    His backing of the regime is wrong.
  20. chisti-raza

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    I find this hard to believe! Can you please provide us with proof for your statement? It was not long ago when the devbandi and their apologists put forward a lie against the Shaykh!

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