Dua: an Urdu poem supplicating Allah by Iqbal

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  1. Insha Allah Sidi AH, we can discuss Iqbal on this thread and his pros and cons.
    What do you think of the claim by many Sunni scholars that he was a wali of Allah by the time he died--rahimahullah?
  2. The translation

    Dua (Written in the Mosque of Cordova)

    Literal translation.

    This alone is my prayer, this alone is my ablution
    In my cries is the blood of my liver.
    The company of the People of Purity is light and presence and tranquillity
    Light-headed and full of anguish is the tulip at the stream’s edge.
    No one is anybody’s friend in the path of love
    My longing alone remained my one companion.
    My nest is not the sanctuary of the chieftains and ministers
    You alone are my nest, You alone are my nest’s branch.
    From You my soul gets the brightness of the early morn
    From You is the flame of ‘He is Allah’ in my breast
    From You is my life anguish and fever and pain and blemish
    You alone are my longing, You alone are my desire.
    If You are not besides me, the city is totally desolate.
    If You are here then even ruined alleys and streets are inhabited.
    Again bestow on me that ancient wine because I
    Am seeking it by breaking the flasks and jugs.
    Have mercy Cupbearer! For a long time have been waiting
    The cups of those who live in society, the flasks of the secluded.
    My madness has a complaint about Your divinity:
    For Yourself you are Placeless, for me everywhere!
    What else is the reality of philosophy and poetry except
    A word of desire, which we cannot utter face-to-Face!
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    So, Sidi Abu Hasan, let us discuss Iqbal :ra: in this thread. BTW, I have heard from eminent Sunni scholars that Iqbal was a wali.

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