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    I was searching for the English translation and came across this [FONT=TimesNewRoman,Bold]Translationby S. Ahmad Darwish[/FONT].

    *The translation of the last para is missing. Starting from ''Allahumma Ya Man Latfta''

    Sidi Abu Hasan please translate it for us and InshaAlla all of us can benifit through it.

    BarakAllah Fekum wa JazakumAllah Khair


    O Allah, through our asking for
    blessings upon him expand our hearts.
    And thereby ease our affairs. And dispel
    our anxieties. And remove our sorrows.
    And thereby forgive our sins. And
    relieve our debts. And improve our
    states. And thereby fulfil our hopes. And
    accept our repentance. And cleanse our
    misdeeds. And thereby help our pleas.
    And purify our tongues. And end our
    loneliness. And thereby relieve our
    separation. And make it a light in front
    of us and behind us. To our right. And to
    our left. And above us and beneath us.
    And in our lives and in our deaths.
    And in our graves and in our gathering
    and in our resurrection and shade for us
    on the Day Judgement over our heads.
    And weigh down the scales thereby with
    good actions. And repeat its blessing on
    us until we meet with our Prophet
    Muhammad, Allah’s blessings and peace
    be upon him and his family, and we are
    believing, we are certain, we are
    overjoyed and we are the receivers of
    good news. And do not separate us from
    him until You make us enter through his
    entrance hall and accommodate us in his
    noble neigbourhad with those You have
    favoured among the Prophets, the
    Truthful Ones, the Martyrs and the
    Righteous Ones, and what a fine
    company they are.
    O Allah, we have believed in him, the
    blessings and peace of Allah be upon
    him, without seeing him, so make us
    enjoy, O Allah, a vision of him in the
    two realms and keep our hearts always
    in love with him. And establish us upon
    his way. And cause us to die following
    his religion. And resurrect us in his
    secure company and party of success.
    And avail us of that love of him, the
    blessings and peace of Allah be upon
    him, which is locked away in our hearts
    on the day when there will be no
    ancestors, no wealth and no sons (that is,
    to speak up for us). And have us drink at
    his Purest pool. To drink from his Fullest
    Chalice. And facilitate for us a visit to
    Your Sacred Place (Mecca) and his
    Sacred Place (Medina) before You cause
    us to die. And make our stay at Your
    Sacred Place and His Sacred Place the
    blessings and peace of Allah be upon
    him, last until we pass away.
    O Allah, we seek his intercession with You,
    for his is the most lauded intercession with
    You. And we entreat You through him for
    he is the greatest one to entreat You. We
    seek access to You through him for his is the
    closest access to You. We complain to You,
    O Lord, about the hardness of our hearts.
    And the abundance of our sins. And extent
    of our hopes. And the imperfection of our
    actions. And our laziness to do good deeds.
    And our haste to commit bad deeds. Bestow
    upon this plaintiff, You, O Lord, victory
    over our enemies. And help our souls. And
    through Your Grace make us rely solely on
    our good acts and not upon anything else, O
    our Lord. O Allah, we associate ourselves
    with the honour of Your messenger, the
    blessings and peace of Allah be upon him,
    so do not distance us. And we stop at Your
    Door so do not turn us away. And we ask
    You alone so do not disappoint us.
    O Allah, have mercy upon our imploring
    and allay our fear. Accept our actions and
    make us righteous. Make obedience to You
    our main occupation. And make us use our
    wealth only for good. And fulfil our hopes
    and more. And seal our final destinations
    with happiness. Thus is our lowliness made
    clear before You and our condition is not
    hidden from You. You have commanded us
    and we have been heedless. You have
    forbidden us and we have transgressed.
    Nothing is wider than Your Clemency. So
    pardon us, O Best Fulfiller of Hopes. And
    Most Generous Requestee. For You are the
    Pardoner, the Forgiver, the Merciful, O
    Most Merciful of the Merciful And the
    blessings and abundant peace of Allah be
    upon our master Muhammad and upon his
    family and Companions and praise be to
    Allah, Lord of the Worlds.
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    this is the dua'a at the end of dalayi'l al-khayrat; but it can be recited anytime.

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