English translation of "hazoor agaey hain"

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    The Prophet (saw) has come
    [translated from Urdu]
    The stars of the sky, the spring of the earth
    Everybody celebrate, the Prophet (saw) has come

    Get up people of grief, o helpless people let us go
    And spread the news, the Prophet (saw) has come

    The unique and the special, the great one has come
    The Master of all Prophets (has come)
    O proud ones and Kings
    Lower your gaze, the Prophet (saw) has come

    There are blessings all around
    Light upon light in the morning
    News came to Halimah from Aminah
    Come to my house, the Prophet (saw) has come

    In the air, there is passion of welcome
    Songs of joy in the breeze, peace be upon him
    Flowers of praise, gifts of peace
    Servants celebrate, the Prophet (saw) has come

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