Exceptional translation of a Ghalib ghazal.

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  1. sunniridwi bhai jaan,
    i think that your comment is out of place. (b) there is circumstantial evidence that he was a shia but not absolute (c) (b) has nothing to do with the greatness of his poetry i.e. even if he was a shia it wouldn't make him less of a poet (d) i personally do not think such a great sunni alim as hazrat mawlana fazl e haqq khayrabadi would have been "best friends" with a shia!
    (e) where can i get that book?

    maulanax - yes he was. but he was also a man of deep faith and had great love for the welfare of muslims in general. He often would quote the famous couplet of Shaikh Saadi about, "Ishq e Muhammad" صلى الله عليه وسلم

    Interested readers should read The Oxford India Ghalib: Life and Letters.
    Urdu readers can read the Diwan e GHalib and also his bio by Hali.
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    Ghalib was proud of his reputation as a rake. He was once imprisoned for gambling and subsequently relished the affair with pride. Once, when someone praised the poetry of the pious Sheikh Sahbai in his presence, Ghalib immediately retorted, "How can Sahbai be a poet? He has never tasted wine, nor has he ever gambled; he has not been beaten with slippers by lovers, nor has he ever seen the inside of a jail." In the Mughal court circles, he even acquired a reputation as a "ladies' man".
  3. On hazrart mawlana fadle haq khayrabadi alaihi rahma, hadrat mawlana yasin akhtar misbahi maddazillahu has written a book
    So please, if you are interested, purchase and take a look
  4. Sorry to burst your bubble but ghalib was a Shi'a. Not at all reliable
  5. A children’s playground; the world before me
    Nightly and daily, watching its pageantry

    Solomon’s throne; but, a game to me
    Miracles of Messiah; a mere simplicity

    The Universe; I accept, only as a name
    All things, before me; nothing, but illusionary

    In its dust, hides the desert, when I appear
    Rivers bow at their banks, with my fear

    Do not ask, in your absence, have I been lonely
    Just notice the poise, you display, before me

    Arrogant and egoistic; why should not, I be?
    My beloved’s reflection is spread all around me

    If flowery speech is what you want to see
    Then place the wine goblet, right next to me

    My hate is a fa�ade, for my uncontrolled envy
    Can I stop his name, being uttered before me

    Faith restrains me, as temptations attack
    The church in front; the mosque at my back

    A lover, I am, with deceptive charms
    Laila forgets Majnu, when, in my arms

    Not to die for; but our union is a delight
    Fulfillment of my wish on our separation night

    Turbulent waves; no more!; they are a blood-soaked sea
    I know not, what else, is in store for me

    Though lifeless hands; but eyes, still alive
    Leave the flask and wineglass, by my side

    My colleague, my confidant; we share the same wine
    Do not abuse Ghalib; he is a friend of mine

    baaziichaa-e-atfaal hai duniyaa mere aage
    hotaa hai shab-o-roz tamaashaa mere aage

    ik khel hai aurang-e-sulemaa.N mere nazadiik
    ik baat hai ejaaz-e-masiihaa mere aage

    juz naam nahii.n suurat-e-aalam mujhe manzuur
    juz vaham nahii.n hastii-e-ashiyaa mere aage

    hotaa hai nihaa.N gard me.n seharaa mere hote
    ghisataa hai jabii.n Khaak pe dariyaa mere aage

    mat puuchh ke kyaa haal hai meraa tere piichhe
    tuu dekh ke kyaa rang hai teraa mere aage

    sach kahate ho Khud_biin-o-Khud_aaraa huu.N na kyo.N huu.N
    baiThaa hai but-e-aa_iinaa siimaa mere aage

    phir dekhiye andaaz-e-gul_afshaanii-e-guftaar
    rakh de ko_ii paimaanaa-e-sahabaa mere aage

    nafrat ka gumaa.N guzare hai mai.n rashk se guzaraa
    kyo.N kar kahuu.N lo naam naa us kaa mere aage

    imaa.N mujhe roke hai jo khii.nche hai mujhe kufr
    kaabaa mere piichhe hai kaliisaa mere aage

    aashiq huu.N pe maashuuq_farebii hai mera kaam
    majanuu.N ko buraa kahatii hai lailaa mere aage

    Khush hote hai.n par vasl me.n yuu.N mar nahii.n jaate
    aa_ii shab-e-hijaraa.N kii tamannaa mere aage

    hai mauj_zan ik qulzum-e-Khuu.N kaash! yahii ho
    aataa hai abhii dekhiye kyaa-kyaa mere aage

    go haath ko jumbish nahii.n aa.Nkho.n me.n to dam hai
    rahane do abhii saaGar-o-miinaa mere aage

    ham_peshaa-o-ham_masharab-o-ham_raaz hai meraa
    ’Ghalib’ ko buraa kyo.N kaho achchhaa mere aage

    translated by Umair Raja. See original here: http://www.chowk.com/articles/6553

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