Faiz Ahmad Faiz's naat in Farsi for the Beloved Prophet (with translation)

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    This naat is the last poem in the Collected Works of Faiz Ahmad Faiz, arguably the greatest Urdu poet since WW2. It is therefore possibly the last poem he ever wrote. He usually wrote in classical, highly polished Urdu, but for this address to the Messenger صلى الله عليه وسلم he turned--for some reason--to Farsi. Perhaps he felt it is more dignified.

    The transliteration and translation (literal):

    Ay tu keh hast har dil-i mahzoon saraa-ye tu
    Aavardeh-am saraa-ye digar az baraa-ye tu

    Oh Thou whose home is every melancholy heart
    I have brought other homes too just for thy sake

    Khwajeh beh takht bandah-i-tashveesh-i-mulk-o-maal
    Bar khaak rashk-i khosraw-i-dawraan gadaa-ye tu

    The rulers on their thrones are slaves to anxiety of land and wealth
    Upon the dusty earth, Oh envy of the rulers of the age, is thy mendicant!

    Aanjaa qasida-khwaani-ye-lazzaat-i seem o zarr
    Eenjaa faqt hadees-i nishaat-i laqaa-ye tu

    There are odes in praise of the pleasures of silver and gold
    Here, only the tradition of the joy of thy countenance

    Aatish-fashaan zi qahr o malaamat zabaan-i shaykh
    Az ashk-i-tarz-i-dard-i-ghareebaan radaa-ye tu

    The fire-breathing tongue of the shaykh speaks of terror and reproach
    From the tears of the way of pain of the poor, is thy cloak!

    Baayad keh zulmaan-i jehaan ra sadaa konad
    Roozi ba-soo-ye adl o inaayat sadaa-ye tu!

    This sinner of the world will definitely cry out
    On a Day when for justice and grace there is only thy cry!

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