Fallout: A Real Account of Calling Out an Abusive Shaykh

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    Definitely something worth reading, such stories must me told to people trying to go into this path, so they are prepared and equipped with the signs to know and not be passive about any contradiction and far reaching action of "claimant shaykh." Honestly I must say that tariqah and tasawwuf had been hijacked by individuals who abuse take the ignorance of the masses of innocent , so much disinformation from the mureeds end from what I can see. If wilaya was rare in Imam Abdul Wahab Al Sha'rani (May Allah Sanctify his Soul)'s time and claimants of fake "qutubiyya" were far too many, imagine what the situation is nearly 500 years later. It should be a red flag when everyone starts thinking his shaykh is the qutb , (only 5 in the cosmic world), sometime literally one or all (qutbs) are in the same tariqah or same country or even same city XD. People need to know their is a relativistic perspective in how you treat your shaykh. Only until you yourself have reached any wilaya and have kashf can you say (with still an element of mistake) anyone is anything, or else all of it is mureed-speak , "husn-e-dhann," or cult-speak, not the objective reality and fact. It's sicking in how they warp incidents quoting events in sufi books, and use it to assault and prey on sisters.

    Rather amusing question when retorted with "this is haqiqah," okay can you please elaborate the Haqiqat since Sayyiduna Khidr answered the reason behind those actions. Doubt any of them would be able to answer.
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    Fallout: A Real Account of Calling Out an Abusive Shaykh

    This is a real story of abuse, unlawful ruqya (spiritual healing), and group think.


    The attached document contains details about what occurred with the Moroccan Shaykh from a long time Murid which is rocking the Murids in Toronto, many have left the Shaykh, some have left Islam already.

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