First Sunnī Dar al-ʿUlūm in Canada

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    Message Forwarded: **Epic Good News for Muslims in Canada**

    By the grace of ALMIGHTY ALLAH عزوجل

    "Dawateislami" movement for spreading message of Quran and Sunnah is going to start Canada's very first Jamia (Islamic University) for AhleSunnat wa Jamat under the name of

    "Jamia tul Madina" in Montreal Canada.
    The target for commencing of classes is 12 months period from now onward.

    ان شاء اللہ عزوجل

    Services from this Jamia tul Madina includes:
    * Hifz and Tajveed (Huffaz Production)
    * 5-Years Dars e Nizami (Islamic scholar production)
    * Free lodging and boarding for students across the Canada and North America during whole study period.
    * Masjid for daily 5 times, Jumma, Eids congregational prayers and special nights gatherings.
    * Short vocational sharai/ obligatory Islamic knowledge courses

    And much more!
    ~Estimated Gross Total Cost of Project: $1.2 Million approx.
    ~Down payment is $700,000/-
    ~Deadline for Down payment: 31st July 2018.

    Please take advantage from this golden opportunity to attain reward in both worlds by not only donating generously personally but also inviting other muslims to donate for this noble cause.

    جزاک اللہ خیرا و احسن الجزاء

    DawateIslami (Canada)

    Keep watching Madani Channel.

    صلوا علی الحبیب! صلی اللہ علی محمد
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