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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Unbeknown, Sep 13, 2015.

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    the only one I found so far has been reported already. Permalink doesn't work. Earlier it removed the page no from the link, for example, the link:

    would be truncated to:

    but now it's inserting a wrong page no:

    And perhaps the erratic behavior changes based on the forum's default viewing order and that an individual user's.

    Please see if they have released a patch for this or if the bug has been reported at all.


    Threads with the latest posts in the sidebar I don't vote for this. Will create unnecessary clutter.

    Link title conversion I vote for this. Will save much time.

    Profile post comment improvements I don't think we have this feature already. You can consider including it but there's an obvious downside - it could lead an unwieldy length of sub-comments. On the plus side it can serve as an alternative to the 'dislike' button I mentioned earlier.

    Also please see if they have a feature which can allow the mods to 'hide' a post instead of deleting it. It can come handy when a post is reported and the first mod to see it is unsure whether he should take an action or wait for the others.
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