Grand Sunni Markaz Conference:Calicut,Kerala,India

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    Shaykh AbuBakr Ahmad Malibari (Abu Bakr Musliyar)’s renowned Sunni Markaz (Markazu Saquafathi Sunniyya)’s 33rd Annual, 15th Graduation Function:
    Jan 7,8,9.2011

    A grand Mega Conference of 3 days will be inaguarated today evening at the Markaz in Calicut,Kerala,India by M.O.H. Farooq, Governor of Jharkhand, India
    It will be followed up a grand Spiritual Meet, Presided over by Shaykh Muhammad Ameen Miyan Qadiri Barkati .(U.P) .Others attending include Shaykh Affeefudin Jilani(Malaysia) and Shaykh Sabagh Rifaii (Baghdad)
    Tomorrow’s final grand conference will be the National Theology Conference.It will be presided over by Mufti Muteeu Rahman (Bihar) and inaguaration is by Allama Abdu Sathar Hamadani (Gujarat)
    [FONT=&quot]The 3rd day’s final mega Conference with a likely attendance of over 1lakh people will be inaugurated by the Grand Mufti of Egypt Shaykh Ali Jumu’a(Gomaa) and Shaykh Omar Abdullah Kamil (Makkah) will be giving ‘Sanad’ to more than 700 fresh Deeni graduates[/FONT]

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