Hamdi Ben Aissa & Blasphemy

Discussion in 'Refutation' started by Juwayni, Jul 7, 2020.

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    I would say much worse.

    Full video:

    He edited out what he said in the first link which was supposed to be at 9:30 in the second link.


    He defended his statement too.

    "Yes, I support minimal restrictions on freedom of speech in the US, because this is the best way for Americans to maximize their religious freedom and provide for a peaceful and productive polity... would you support laws against hate speech or offending sacred beliefs in the US or UK that made it illegal to insult the Prophet (s) if those same laws made it illegal to teach sections of the Quran or Sunna that talk about other religions, that made it illegal for Muslims to teach their children ideas deemed hateful or offensive or intolerant to others? You can't have, and you won't get, one without the other. The choice is yours."
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    another shocker from dr. haddad - didn't know about this.

    May Allah guide him.
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    A.C. brown definitely qualifies as a deviant (might be much worse) - he was discussed here.

    He is the director of research at yaqeen - so no wonder the institute produces the kind of hacked-up literature that it does.

    dr. shadee is also chums with yasir qadhi - writes on his mm blog and I have heard him praise tablighis a lot.

    He maybe unaware of tablighi-devbandi link or he might be taking his cue from other Arab sunni ulama who think that the devbandis are hanafi maturidis. However, he can't be unaware of wahabism and yasir.

    I have other complaints about dr. shadee but they are not too relevant here - however, I would still reserve my judgement about him being a charlatan - noting that during the Study Qur'an and Imkaan al-kizb fiascoes he sided with the truth. Besides, I have heard him acknowledge quite frankly that he is not a scholar but just an advanced student, and even say that there are no true scholars in America.
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  5. FaqirHaider

    FaqirHaider اللَه المقدر والعالم شؤون لا تكثر لهمك ما قدر يكون

    as for Hamdi , looking at both mureed and ex-mureeds responses, and the context I would give leeway to Hamdi on this particular issue, the ex-mureeds breakdown is well done but I think his other issues (statement on Hz Mu'awiya and Sullah Kulli actions) that have more history and aren't a "one time occasion," are more worthy of criticism, since although distasteful and odd his intention was not an insult but a praise, and I think we should adopt Ala Hazrat's methodology in such matters, and not become takfir/ghustak trigger happy , Ala Harzat had sent multiple letters and reached over a number of years to the Deobandi Ghustak Ali Thanwi before a final statement , keeping in mind that the Deobandi had indeed intented and insulted the Prophet , because they wanted to make a "clear difference" between Allah and Creation.

    Sidi Abu Hasan , please correct me if my statement is not correct in this case.

    I personally know Dr Shadee and I do feel he is wrong in supporting Brown and I feel it maybe due to a some partnership in the past and possibly future endeavors projects that is forcing some reservations with AC brown. Daniel video breaks the point brought out by AC brown thoroughly, he calls Dr Shadee out as well as being complacent, I would say he was actually surprised and was just trying to save face. I think being a charlatan at this point is still uncalled for.

    Is Gibril Haddad being on the same list for his Dante Fiasco like Humza Yusuf?, I was disgusted by him when analysis Dante's Inferno, although he points out its a rhetorical comedy piece of anti-religious narrative of blasphemous fantasy theology but I couldn't pallet him praising the "linguistic" aspect of that filthy piece, much like , although HY nuance was of different fashion. But I wouldn't call him charlatan for this , although I(personally) would say it requires public istighfar .

    I may have mentioned this before on Sunniport but, I have sat with Shaykh Hisham as an admirer and guide in the past [I am Shaykh Mehmet's mureed now] and I heard with my own ears him criticize without naming (Humza Yusuf) , but mentioned "a Nurse," for talking about Dante's inferno in positive light , and here we have Sh Girbil Haddad doing almost the same thing , mind you Sh Gibril has taken Shaykh Hisham as his murshid and guide so its far worse for him.
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    now, on this issue? just asking.

    faraz is a front line defender of any blasphemy. he's learnt well from keller.

    did a google on AC brown, and this qadiani piece of garbage is one of the first results i got - https://themuslimtimes.info/2020/07...rown-muslim-scholars-unanimous-about-ahmadis/

    can you give a brief one liner (hopefully with links) about what's wrong with all these guys in your opinion.
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    Keep in mind, Hamdi has been defended by Salman Younus & Faraz Rabbani
    Don't know what's going on, but lately many charlatans have come out like AC Brown, Shadee Masry, Musa Furber, AA Suraqah, Haddad
    every few days there is some scam or scandal
    either blashphemy, money scam, involment with women or something.
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    This brother's comment is very relevant.

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    answer to all the justifications above, from the qur'an:

    ghashiyah, 88v2,3,4.png

    brothers, tamhid e iman is a MUST. read it. keep reading it. share it. ask people to read it. GET them to read it.


    the wasiyyah of imam ahmad rida khan is a necessary light in these dark times:


    a short 2-page extract is attached below (PDF included).



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  14. abu Hasan

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    what majaz do pigs like hamdi understand? a pig only knows to wallow in the cesspool.

    get it? get it?

    aw come'on hamdi admirers; can't understand majaz?
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    he was discouraging porn addiction by encouraging people to go out and commit physical zina...

    the moment i saw that clip (first clip and only clip ive seen of his), i knew off the bat that this guy is a joke.
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    I couldn't even let that short clip finish, it was so disgusting. Outright kufr and those people are enjoying every moment of it!
  17. AbdalQadir

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    Try cracking wise about gays or jews or westerners or western "values" and see them get all serious and defensive with adab and İhsan and the humility of a believer.

    the only time these shayateen have a light moment is at the expense of Islam and Muslims
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  18. AbdalQadir

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    See some of these "character" traits of trump. I assure you they are shared by most celebrity "shuyukh" be it back home or in the wild west.

    I'm 99.9% sure both him and his fans will start off with ugly, filthy apologia like deobandis- he didn't mean it, it was a nuanced joke based on sophisticated idiomatic expressions in English, don't you guys understand majaz? and the nuanced to please both sides kellerian maxim of 'it is blasphemy but he can't be charged with blasphemy because he didn't intend it'...

    along with the routine blackmails- are you a qadhi or mufti? did you study at tarim like him? how many ijazahs do you have? are you a scholar? do you know how many people he converted to Islam? do you know what all he has accomplished for Islam in Canada? do you know how many Muslims he taught tazkiyatun nafs and got them out of drug and porn addiction? do you know how many Muslim marriages he saved from collapsing (satan loves breaking them up)? I had dreams about him walking on water, you're an extremist takfiri wahabi, habib Ali and Faraz rabbani love him, anyone who ain't a lungi-kurta or shalwar-kameez wearing, chapati eating shaykh from your village in Pak/India/B'desh is a kafir for you guys...

    Even his now estranged wife (the hag in the video) who laughed with him, and all those who 'appreciated' his comment and laughed at it or supported it. The ruling applies on them too.

    MOD: have edited a citation for obvious reasons.
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    There is a video clip of him with his hands raised as a Christian woman prays to her triune false God, nodding in agreement and praying along with her.
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    if hamdi said it - he is a kafir and under islamic penal law, he would earn capital punishment and would be executed by the authorities in a muslim country.

    la Hawla wa la quwwata illa billah.

    share the part on blasphemy from shifa (see TKM):

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