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    By Shaykh Dr Gibril


    Also note the number of ahadith narrated from Sayyedina Abu Huraryra radiallahu anhu, in all the hadith book compilation is huge , because most of them are repeated ahadith. The first narrator is this blessed companion and later the chain becomes different. So the number becomes huge.

    However in bukhari and muslim the total hadith from abu hurarira radiallahu anhu is 544 only , without repitition.
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    Jzk for this. Bro.......are you able to provide me with some reliable links that refer to these objections? Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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    Sayyedina Abu Hurayrah radiallahu anhu has narrated approximately 3300 ahadith sherif .

    If a shia can put the doubt or suspicion regarding this companion of the prophet ( sal allahu alayhi wa sallam) in a muslim's heart , he is attacking ahadith indirectly. To implement this they start with questions like:

    1. How can this companion alone narrate such a huge amount of ahadith?

    2. Why is that there is no ahadith mentioning the merit/ virtues of this companion which has been narrated by some one other than him?

    3. A shia will pick up a hadith narrated by this companion , which a lay person can not explain , unless he has read the sharah of this hadith. By this the shia again tries to attack this companion of our prophet ( sal allahu alayhi wa sallam).

    So the objective is to attack the sunni ahadith collection in general and this companion in particular.

    All these so called shia " objections" has been answered long back and is available on internet.

    Also you will be amused to see shia narrators and their huge narrations!

    Mawlana Mohammed Ali ( Rh) from Pakistan wrote a 20 volume refutation of shias[ in Urdu] on each and every shia point and also exposed shias from their own literature!
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    Please can someone tell me exactly why the Shias hate/hold 'bughuz' against Hazrat Abu Hurayrah RA?? Someone has suggested that it is simply due to the fact that they recorded a multitude of Hadith in such a short space of time???

    What exact qualms (astaghfirullah) do they have regarding this blessed Sahabi RA?

    I am need of enlightenment as this baffles me.


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