Hazrat Hassan on the superiority of Hazrat Abu Bakr

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    Sayyiduna Hassan ibn Thabit says about the superiority of Sayyiduna Abu Bakr Siddiq:

    وثانى اثنين فى الغار المنيف وقد
    طاف العدو به إذ صاعد الجبلا
    And the second of the two, when he climbed to the esteemed cave;
    When the enemy was scouring around the mountain

    وكان حب رسول الله قد علموا
    من الخلائق لم يعدل به بدلا
    And he was the beloved of RasulAllah, the whole creation knows;
    That RasulAllah never held anyone else equal to him.

    - Zurqani 'ala al-Mawahib

    ﷺ و رضي الله عنهما
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