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  1. abu Hasan

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    as such there are a few lines which don't sound well, but not that one accuses it of shirk. it is the same as saying shayyan li'llah.

    the Hadith of bukhari: 'i am the distributor of rizq and Allah is the giver', repudiates any claim that the attribute 'distribution' is that of Allah. the words of Hadith are: 'innama ana qasim'. i am the distributor or dispenser.

    atleast one thing is certain that it is not shirk; one may dispute the dispensing of affairs (taSarruf) by awliya, but that is a different matter altogether.

    one note of caution: be wary of na'ats except written by qualified scholars; because sometimes, poets say things which go against the sunni aqidah.

    wa'llahu a`alam wa `ilmuhu atam
  2. Yaseen

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    He claims that this is wrong because by saying "meri khali jholi bhar do mein faqir hoon tumhara" it creates the impression that Sayyidina Ghawth Al-Azam Rahimullahi'alyh has the powers to distribute. Maybe his urdu is poor like myself. Jazakallah khair for expressing concern Sidi.

  3. abu nibras

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    Sarkar ghawth-e-azam nazare karam khudara,

    meri jholi khali bhar do mein faqir hoon tumhara

    Where do these verses refer to the ghawth as Raziq or Razzaq ?

    Are you asking a more general question regarding istighatha ?


    abu Nibras
  4. Yaseen

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    I am sure you have heard the famous manqabat read in praise Syedina Abd al-Qadir Jilani rahimullahi’alyh which contains the following verses: “Sarkar ghawth-e-azam nazare karam khudara, meri jholi khali bhar do mein faqir hoon tumhara”.

    The reason I am posting that I was listening to this beautiful manqabat alongside some relatives. Alhamdulillah they are sunni but one of them raised an objevtion to the verses as he claims we were attributing Ghawth al-Azam rahimullahi’alyh with the sift of Raziq. He claims this is wrong as Allah subahanahu wa ta’ala is only attributed with the sift Raziq. Whereas this manqabat attributes this sift to Ghawth -e-Paak rahimullahi’alyh. I said to him that indeed this is the ‘aqida of Ahl us Sunnah that Allah subahanahu wa ta’ala is Raziq but the anbiya and awliya are means. Clearly the verse doesn’t refer to Shaykh Abd al Qadir Jilani as a means hence I was rather embarrassed.

    I would be grateful if one of the many learned members could clarify the validity of reading such verses. It would really be appreciated as it has slightly confused me.


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