History: Bin Laden Family

Discussion in 'Tarikh' started by naqshbandijamaati, May 25, 2008.

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  1. there is actually a very-well documented and researched book called The Looming Tower which gives an-indepth history of the Ibn Ladens and the history behind al-Qaeda. It is definitely worth the time and effort.

    In another book I read it did say that for a while, whilst on the run, Ibn Laden did hide amongst 'the Sayyids of Hadramawt' where his family originally hailed from.

    That suggests his family must have originally been Sunni-Sufis. I suppose he got brainwashed whilst growing up in Arabia...
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    propaganda, as usual.

    not that i like osama bin laden, but where is the proof that links him to 9-11?
    also, what is the reliability of the author? what is the guarantee that he is not lying and laying it thick to sell more copies? what are his sources for the fancy - bin ladin did this, bin ladin did that nonsense?

    why should these deranged and stupid western islamophobes [i am telling you, aren't i?] dismiss our rigorously authenticated tradition and we swallow their garbage? look at how the clueless west keeps babbling about how the palestinians are 'terrorising' the poor, kind and humane israelis.

    we, as muslims should go back to our tradition of questioning the sources and authenticating them - the noble science of rijaal and jarH.

    moreover, the nyt is one of the crassiest propaganda arm of the israelis. a muslim should not even spit on it - because we should not spit in dirty things.

    read 1984. and you will easily recognize the road to ministry of truth and its buildings. and unfortunately, the memory hole also exists.
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    The 54 of us


    What the article failes to mention that bin Laden family was also from the same city as the noble Habaib, Tarim al-Shareef

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