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    Before being Gujarati, they came from Multan historic province in Pakistan. Earlier than that they were part of the Ismaili Muzaffarids empire of Iran.

    This is of the Abbasid times. if i get time, i will write about it
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    @AbdalQadir @sunnistudent

    in india, the "khoja" is an ethnic grouping like that of the Memon, both of them primarily from the regions of Kathiawaar and Kutch respectively. The Memon are strongly Sunni, while the Khoja are overwhelmingly Shi'ite. The Khoja are divided into two main branches

    1) Khoja Ismaili, the biggest, found in Gujarat with migrant communities in Konkan region, western Madhya Pradesh [ primarily urban in Ujjain, Indore etc ], and southern Rajasthan, and in small communities to the south. Internationally mainly in East Africa, and now with a stong presence in the West. They have very special surnames ending in -i usually.

    2) Khoja Twelver, found in the same region, with big communities in Rajkot, Bhavnagar, Bombay. Internationally, in east Africa again especially in Tanzania. They are historically recent converts from Ismailism to Twelverism. They are the ones who started worshipping hindu idols, perhaps this being the reason why brother SunniStudent called them the filthiest. i heard that news from Rajkot. Khojas have had business relations in the Khaleej for centuries. The Omani Twelver community [ Al Lawati ] is originally descended from Khoja Twelvers. They are known by the Saudis as rich businessmen.

    3) Khoja Sunni in india

    4) Khoja Bohri Ismaili

    These are my observations. They are an ultra rich community. Half the Shiite mosques in Canada, and i believe in the UK, are built by them. A long time ago, on Sunniport, i mentioned about the Khoja building a 14 million dollar massive complex in northern Toronto for their Jamaat within a Jewish area, which they have tried to expand with an old home on the side but faced opposition due to their apparently conservative religious lifestyle even though their members are very liberal.

    i know a lot more about them, because i see them daily. However, Saudis like them because they are rich with money even richer than the Bohras.
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