Hizb un Nasr of İmam Abul Hasan Shadhili

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    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    Please make sure you read this Mubarak Dua of Imam Abul Hasan Shadhili rahimahullah with the niyyah of invoking Allah's Wrath upon the bjp, rss, hindutvawadis etc.

    It will be great if you can organize group readings on 5-Aug-2020 (tomorrow) when the bhoomi puja is scheduled by these shayateen

    Preferred to offer 2 rakats nafila before, then read Hasbunallahu wa Ni3mal Wakeel 450 times then the dua 7 Times in a row - all in one sitting

    We pray to Allah to send His Wrath down onto the scheduled bhoomi puja and all attendees. Aameen.

    (Scholars of tasawwuf have issued warnings that this Dua is only to be read against valid shar3iy enemies, otherwise if someone reads it against people he simply doesn't like without valid shar3iy reasons, he can be afflicted by calamities as the Dua of wrath that he invokes can turn back on him)
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