How do tariqa's work?

Discussion in 'General Topics' started by Khanah, Oct 10, 2020.

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  1. You've jumped ahead massively....

    Rather Tassawuff is to conquer one's ego successfully. Adhering to Shariah is a given and the oxygen required to obtain the right results in the quest. in sum, discomfort is the central medicine administered in copious amounts, but most of the Ummah has adopted a life of complete comfort. There is no easy way to obtain removal of diseases of the heart other than Dua, effort and waiting for Allah to Gift it to you. The real people of Tassawwuff are mostly hidden because people don't deserve them. As for your question how do they know your progress etc. The People Qualified in this Science are people of States, Gnosis and unveilings and hence they are shown who needs what. If they are far from their students, it is not a big thing because the light of the sun travels great distances instantly so what about the Light of the Knowers of Allah?

    My Advice, make a Dua to find yourself and to be shown how to change yourself......may be just may be you might find a Knower of Allah along the Way.
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    That is a great question. I'm intrigued to what answers you will receive.
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    Assalaamu alaykum,

    I understand that tasawwuf is about attaining good character and removing spiritual diseases from the heart and it's normal to take a shaykh in order for them to help you along this journey. Having never been a part of a tariqa, I have a couple of questions:

    1. How does the shaykh 'assess' your progress in order to help you? Meaning that how does he know which spiritual maladies you suffer from so that he can guide you to remove them?

    2. If you have a real massive problem with envy (as an example), what kind of practical steps would be prescribed for you in order to deal with it so that you are no longer an envious person?

    3. I understand you usually have to start with a daily wird. Do these get increased as time goes on, depending on your specific needs?

    4. I understand a lot of people may have bayah with a shaykh who lives very far or who has a lot of mureeds. How then can the shaykh keep track of your progress? Or is this culture of giving bayah to a famous shaykh who may have thousands of mureeds not really a good idea?

    5. If any members could perhaps give their own experience of their life as part of a tariqa and how this has helped them to improve themselves, I would be really grateful to hear

    Jazak Allah khair

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