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    as for this book : "al-imamah wa'l siyasah"

    many scholars have rejected the claim that it is his book. dr. ukkashah in the preface of ibn qutaybah's book: al-ma'arif cites the following reasons why this book cannot be ascribed to ibn qutaybah al-dinawari:

    1. none of the biographers who listed his works mentioned this book among them. [aH: we will see how ibn nadim who is closest to his time listed nearly 30-40 books in his fihrist and didn't mention the "imamah".]

    2. the author book mentions that he was present in damascus; even though ibn qutaybah never left baghdad except for dinawar (to where he relocated).

    3. the author narrates from ibn abi layla; and ibn abi layla was a judge in kufa (qadi) in the year 148 AH, a good 65 years before ibn qutaybah was born!

    4. the author reports the victory of muslim armies in spain [andalus] from a woman who says witnessed it. and spain was conquered approximately 120 years before the birth of ibn qutaybah.

    5. the author mentions musa ibn nusayr conquering marrakesh (the city), even though it was founded by yusuf ibn tashfin, the sultan of the murabitun in the year 455 AH; ibn qutaybah passed away nearly 200 years before this in 276 AH.

    a researcher points out some more things (i do not know anything about the author) in a short risalah of 32 pages. which i checked myself.

    6. the book doesn't match the style of ibn qutaybah al-dinawari who writes elaborate prefaces introducing the book and its contents. [aH: and i checked myself in nearly a dozen books that i have that this observation is true].

    7. there are a number of historical errors in prominent events and personalities.

    8. there are errors of language when ibn qutaybah was a prominent linguist and his book adab al-kuttab is a sort of style manual for writers!

    check the risalah here: https://archive.org/details/waq34590

    Allah ta'ala knows best.
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    1. aadaab al-ishrah

    2. aadaab al-qira'ah

    3. al-ibil

    4. al-ikhtilaf fi'l lafZ wa'r radd ala'l jahmiyyah wa'l mushabbihah

    5. adab al-katib (or kuttab)

    6. al-ashribah

    7. iSlaH al-ghalaT fi gharib al-hadith (or iSlah ghalaT abi `ubaydah)

    8. i'yrab al-qur'an

    9. al-anwa'a fi mawasim al-arab

    10. ta'wil al-ru'yaa

    11. ta'wil mukhtalaf al-hadith

    12. ta'wil mushkil al-qur'an

    13. al-taswiyah bayn al-arab wa'l ajam

    14. tafsir gharib al-qur'an

    15. al-tafqih

    16. jami'y al-naHw al-saghir

    17. al-alfaz al-mugharrabah bi'l alfaz al-mu'arrabah

    18. al-jawabat al-HaDirah

    19. al-Hikayah wa'l maHki

    20. al-Hikam wa'l amthal

    21. khalq al-insan

    22. al-khayl

    23. dala'il al-nubuwwah

    24. diwan al-kuttab

    25. al-radd ala al-qa'il bi khalq al-qur'an

    26. al-shi'yr wa'l shu'ara

    27. al-arab wa ulumuha

    28. al-ilm

    29. uyun al-akhbar

    30. uyun al-shi'yr

    31. gharib al-hadith

    32. fara'id al-durar

    33. faDl al-arab ala al-ajam

    34. al-masa'il wa'l ajwibah fi'l hadith wa'l lughah

    35. al-ma'arif

    36. al-ma'ani al-kabir

    37. al-muntakhab al-lughah wa tawarikh al-arab

    38. al-maysir wa'l qidaH

    39. al-jaraatheem [doubtful ascription; manuscript present in zahiriyyah damascus with his name, though none of his biographers ascribe it to him].

    40. al-raHl wa'l manzil [doubtful ascription]

    41. taqwim al-lisan [haji khalifah mentions]

    42. jami'y al-naHw al-kabir

    43. al-qira'aat

    imam nawawi in his tahzib al-lughat said that he saw a list of nearly 60 books.
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    in a separate thread, a neem rafizi was peddling rafizi 'proofs' and dragged in the name of imam ibn qutaybah al-dinawari and a book spuriously attributed - partly or wholly - to ibn qutaybah.

    so here is a quick brief on the scholar, his books and examining the attribution to ibn qutaybah.


    abu muHammad abdullah ibn muslim ibn qutaybah al-marwazi al-dinawari.

    his father was a scholar of hadith (among other sciences) but is not well-known, or his biography recorded in books of history. ibn qutaybah in his books al-ma'arif and `uyun al-akhbar, says: "my father narrated to me" and thus, it is known that he was a scholar of hadith, in what is little known about him.

    abu muHammad abdullah (henceforth, ibn qutaybah) was born in 213 AH. and passed away in 276 AH. (aH: al-zubaydi in his tabaqat puts his demise in 296 AH).

    ibn nadim, ibn al-anbari and ibn al-athir have said that he was born in kufa; whether each of them had a separate source or ibn al-athir (d.606 AH) followed ibn al-anbari (d.577 AH) who followed ibn nadim (d.328 AH) is not clear.

    but other biographers mention that he was born in baghdad; khatib baghdadi (d. 462 AH), al-sam'ani (d. 562 AH), al-qifTi (d. 647 AH) do not copy those before them and seem to have their own sources.

    [aH: summarising the discussion] for example, the death of ibn qutaybah is reported differently by the above historians:

    ibn al-anbari with his sanad says: ibn qutaybah ate harisah (a well-known dish among arabs) and became upset [lit. he was hit by the heat]; he screamed and thereafter he fell unconscious until zuhr; then he remained agitated and by the next morning, he passed away. this was the first night of Rajab, 276 AH.

    khaTib baghdadi reports this story with his own chain [sanad] and says: ibn qutaybah passed away in dhi'l qa'adah of year 270 AH.

    he is known as al-dinawari because he migrated to dinawar and remained there appointed as a judge for many years. [appointed by the minister of al-mutawakkil, abu'l Hasan ubaydullah ibn yahya ibn khaqaan, d.263 AH].


    1. his father, muslim ibn qutaybah.

    2. ahmad ibn sa'yid al-liHyani, a student of abu ubayd qasim ibn sallam [d.231 AH].

    3. abu abdullah muHammad ibn sallam al-jumaHi [d.231 AH], author of "tabaqat al-shu'ara".

    4. abu ya'qub is'Haq ibn ibrahim al-raahwayh [d. 238 AH], one of the towering imams of fiqh and hadith. who met imam shafiyi and debated with him on a few issues; and imams bukhari, muslim, abu dawud, tirmidhi, nasayi report from him. ahmad ibn khalil says: "i do not know of anyone at the level of is'Haq"

    5. Hurmalah ibn yaHya al-tujaybi, [d. 243 AH] a companion of al-shafiyi.

    6. yaHya ibn aktham al-qaDi [d.242 AH]; it is said that ibn qutaybah met him in makkah during pilgrimage.

    7. abu Abdullah al-Hasan ibn al-Husayn ibn Harb al-sullami al-marwazi [d. 246 AH].

    [long list of 26 names, will complete slowly]


    [extracted from the biographical notice by dr. tharwat ukkashah in the preface of ibn qutaybah's book, al-ma'rifah, 4th print; dar al-ma'arif.]


    references for biography of ibn qutaybah: [which i have checked since morning]

    1. maratib al-naHwiyyin, abu Tayyib [d.352 AH]: abdu'l WaHid ibn ali.

    2. al-tahdhib, al-az'hari: abu manSur muHammad ibn aHmad [282-370 AH].

    3. Tabaqat al-naHwiyyin, al-zubaydi [d. 379 AH]: abu bakr muHammad ibn al-Hasan al-zubaydi al-andalusi.

    4. fihrist ibn al-nadim, abu'l faraj muHammad ibn is'Haq al-nadim [d. 377 AH]

    5. tarikh baghdad madinatu's salam, abu bakr ahmad ibn ali ibn thabit al-khatib al-baghdadi [392-463 AH]

    6. nuz'hatu'l alibba'a - ibn al-anbari: abu'l barakat abdu'l raHman ibn abi'l wafa muHammad ibn ubaydullah ibn al-anbari [d. 577 AH]

    7. al-muntazam, ibn al-jawzi: abu'l faraj abdu'l RaHman ibn ali ibn Muhammad ibn al-jawzi, [d.597 AH]

    8. al-lubab, ibn al-athir: izzuddin abu'l Hasan ali ibn abi'l karam muHammad al-shaybani, ibn al-athir al-jazari [555-603 AH]

    9. wafyat al-a'ayan, ibn khallikan: abu'l abbas shamsuddin aHmad ibn muHammad ibn abu bakr ibn khallikan [608-681 AH]

    10. tahdhib al-asma'a wa'l lughat, nawawi: abu zakariyyah yaHya ibn sharaf al-nawawi [d.676 AH]
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