imam abu ibrahim ismayil al-muzani (175-264 AH)

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    off thread-topic, but i also heard that Imam Bukhari did the same before he wrote a hadith for his Sahih. is this true?
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    imam abu ibrahim ismayil al-muzani was born in 175 AH (in the very year layth ibn sa'ad passed away) and was the student of `ali ibn ma'abad ibn shaddad, nu`aym ibn Hammad, imam shafiyi - and is known as his foremost disciple. indeed imam shafiyi is himself reported to have said: "muzani is the foremost advocate of my madh'hab" [al-muzani naSiru madh'habi]

    imams who narrated from him are: ibn khuzaymah, TaHawiy, zakariyyah al-saji, ibn jawSaa, ibn abi-Hatim etc.

    he was a mountain of knowledge, an adept debator; imam shafiyi said: "he can subdue even the devil in a debate".

    he was an ascetic, immensely scrupulous, Godfearing and pious; frugal about dunya, and a person whose du'a was accepted.

    if he ever missed the congregation (jama'ah) for prayer, he would repeat the same prayer twenty-five times. it is said that he prayed two-raka'ah after every article (mas'alah) he wrote down in his mukhtaSar. he would volunteer to wash the dead and would say: "i do it to soften my heart".

    he passed away in 264 AH.

    he is imam TaHawiy's maternal uncle.

    based on the biographical note in Tabaqat al-Shafayiyyah, imam subki, 2/93.

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