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Discussion in 'Links' started by Ahmet Tayfur, Feb 11, 2018.

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  1. Ahmet Tayfur

    Ahmet Tayfur New Member

    Apologies for the nature of the question:

    Is Omar Suleiman reliable? Sunni or pseudo-Sunni?
  2. Wadood

    Wadood Veteran

    Tahir Anwar, is a graduate of deobandi dar ul uloom Bury, England

    Jangda is a graduate of Jamia Binnoria, the top deobandi seminary of Pakistan

    Husein Kamani, an american, a graduate of deobandi Dar ul uloom Bury, England
  3. Wadood

    Wadood Veteran

    The Imam Ghazali Institute, which is United States based, published a recent picture, that does not make any new sense to me but points to what i already know of Hamza Yusuf's and Zaid Shakir's policies. They did it in the past with Suhaib Webb, and then with another american, yale graduate, yasir qadhi, and they succeeded in infiltrating the salafi al maghrib forums, which have always gravitated towards modernism / ikhwanism in covert support of terrorists like salafi leaders who are ideological heads of salafi jihadism

    Now Zaid Shakir is after the other salafi modernists and jihadis, but some madkhalis. It is surprising how relatively quickly, some salafi leaders/speakers in North America, tend to change their stances with apologies. For example, if you take a look at the picture below published by Imam Ghazali Institute

    Walid Basyouni - an ikhwani of the jihadi type, one of the heads of "Muslim" Brotherhood

    Nouman ali khan - a staunch salafi

    Abdul Nasir Jangda - a staunch deobandi [ partner of nouman ali khan ] in texas

    Hussein Kamani - a deobandi

    Zaid Shakir and Abdullah bin Hamid Ali - both on zaytuna team that promotes The Study Quran

    Omar Suleiman - Al maghrib forum wahabi teacher

    Yasir Qadhi - former Salafi, now a modernist

    Tahir Anwar - hidden deobandi, old friend of Hamza Yusuf

    Abd al Kareem Yahya - Tarim Habaib follower, and khateeb at Zaid Shakir mosque

    Altaf Hussein - ISNA vice president [ indian Jamat e Islami / Nadwi wahabi ]

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