Imam made salam before I sat down

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    Question: what do scholars say about an imam who is in qádah akhīrah (final sitting) and Zayd, a muqtadi (follower) joins the prayer by saying Allahu Akbar but before he reaches the level of rukū (bowing) in order to get to the qádah position, the imam made salam. What is the ruling for Zayd now? Does he continue towards qádah and recite tashahhud or does he stay standing and offer his first rakah?

    Answer: in this scenario, neither did Zayd join the congregation nor did his solitary prayer commence. Rather, he will have to restart his own prayer. The reason being, iqtidā (following) means joining the prayer of the imam and this would only be valid if the muqtadi joined the imam in the posture he is in. So because the imam ended the prayer before Zayd got to the sitting posture, he didn't make qádah with the imam. Hence, the iqtidā is not valid. And because he commenced prayer with the intention of being a follower but he didn't fulfil that condition, his solitary prayer also didn't commence.

    Translator's note: therefore, Zayd must break the prayer and restart a solitary prayer from the beginning.

    - Mufti Abu'l Hasan Fuzayl Raza Attari
    (Translated by Muhammad Aqdas)

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