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    AssalamuAlaikum wa rahmatullah,

    This is such a beautiful poem. May Allah make us true lovers of Sayyiduna Rasulallah Sallallâhu 'alaihi wa Sallam Ameen.


    By Imam Abul - Hasan Muhammad al- Bakri (ra)(d 952h) from al- Anwar wa-Misbah al-Surur wal-Afkar wa-Dhikr Nur Muhammad al-Mustafa al Mukhtar (The Lights and Beacon of Happiness and Thoughts and the Commemoration of the Light of the Elect Muhammad Sallallahu 'alaihi wa sallam) and translated by Shaykh Sayyid Muhammad al Yaqoubi (May Allah give him a long life Ameen ) in a flight from London to San Francisco in June 2000. The Qasida appeared in the Q News Rabi ul Awal edition a couple of years ago.

    No Mercy that Allah has sent or will send,
    none that may ascend; descend or transcend

    In the realm of Allah or in His Sovereignty,
    Whether it is specific or comes in totality,

    Except that Taha , His Servant, the elect,
    His Prophet, the Preferred whom he verily has sent

    Is certainly the means of it as well as a source,
    A fact that every man through reason can course.

    So beseech him always for everything you need,
    For he is the Shafi' who accepts all who plead.

    Take shelter in Him from all distress,
    For safety is he always as well as fortress.

    Put down the loads of hope at him there;
    He is the refuge the one who will bear

    In a state of hardship when calamities befall,
    Do not despair and upon him call

    O most Esteemed of what Allah did create,
    And the best by whom to Him we supplicate.

    How many a time you removed grave grief,
    And this is what afflicted me again, in brief.

    More helpless than me none did ever exist:
    What strength do I have or stamina to persist ?

    By him who made you in the world sublime
    And raised you to a rank no one can climb

    Disencumber me of all hardships and pain;
    Whom do I solicit if you desist or refrain?

    At loss am I ; my patience is gone.
    I have not a clue of what next is to be done

    You are the door to Allah; whoever finds a way
    to travel without you will surely be turned away.

    Prayers on you as the winds of the north
    Swiftly shake hand with the flowers that come forth

    With Salam from Allah as the scent of the Houses
    Smells sweet, and the fragrance of incense arises

    With the Family, the companions so long as a pigeon
    Whose twig is succulent coos loudly in the region.

    More by the great Ashiq, Imam Ahmed Rida Khan (RA)

    “Jin ki taskî se rôtê huwe hans parê
    Us tabassum kî `âdat pe lâkô salâm”
    “That comforting smile which causes the weeping to laugh
    Upon that beautiful habitual smile, countless salutations of peace”

    “Jis sohânî garî chamkâ tayba ka chand
    Us dil afrôz sâ`at pe lâkô salâm” “
    That golden moment in which the Moon of Purity shone forth
    Upon that heart rekindling instance, countless salutations
    of peace”

    “sab se awlâ-o-âlâ hamârâ nabî”
    “jin ke talwô kâ dôwan hê âbê hayât!”
    “The water that drains off his feet is a spring/pool of life!”

    “Hâjiyô! Âô Shahen Shâh kâ rôzâ dêkô
    Kaba tô dêk chuke, Kabe kâ Kaba dêkô”
    “Hâji’s! Come and see the rawda of the king of kings!
    You have seen the Ka`ba, now come and see the Ka`ba of Ka`ba’s!”
    Allahu Akbar!

    "husn-e-Yûsuf pe katîn misr me angust-e-zanâ
    sar katâ te hê tere nâm pe mardân-e-`arab"
    "With the beauty of Yûsuf (a), the women of Egypt cut their hands
    and fingers,
    With you (saw)! Every man of Arabia is ready to give their heads!"

    “Khudâh kî razâ châhatay hain do `âlam
    Khudâh chahatâ hai razâ-e-Muhammad”
    “Both the worlds seek to please the Lord Almighty
    And Allah wishes that His beloved Muhammad is pleased”

    Sallallâhu `alayhi wa sallam!

    “sunâ hê âp har `âshiq ge gar tashrîf lâtê hê
    merê gar mê bi hô jâ-e chirâgâ yâ rasûlallâh!”
    “I have heard that you come to the home of every lover
    may your blaze, ya rasûlallâh shine be in my home too!”

    yâ rasûlullâh unZurhâlanâ
    yâ Habîballâh ismâqâlanâ
    innanî fî bahhammim mughraqun
    khudh yadî sahillanâ ashqâlanâ

    O Allah’s Messenger, look at our condition
    O Allah’s Beloved, hear what we say
    I’m drowing in the oceans of grief
    Take my hand and bring ease to my difficulties


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