interesting concise biography of imam khomeini by hamid algar

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  1. i didn't understand sayyidi Abu Hasan's statement like that. what i got was that we don't need to look at the shi'ah past for examples of what we should be doing, now, a time when we are close to the qiyamah (hence, 'at the close'). it's very possible i couldn't have missed the point entirely, so forgive me.
  2. sidi, why would a sunni-islamic revolution be a backwards step?
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    when you are at the close, you look forward, not behind.

    wa billahi't tawfiq.
  4. i am still kind of hoping that a sunni khomeini-like figure might rise out of the current arab spring or in pakistan...oh if only ameer e ahle sunnat went into politics but a wali knows best...maybe sayyid zaid hamid?
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    an interesting concise biography of ayatollah khomeini by prof. hamid algar --a british convert to islam.

    despite our theological differences with him it is undeniable that khomeini's achievement in forming an islamic -albeit shia--state in the twentieth century is one of the most important geopolitical events of the twentieth century and which is having a deep impact even now. iran is the only muslim country with an independent policies which are not dictated by washington.

    i am not posting this to praise khomeini but to use it to ask this pertinent question:
    the interesting thing from a sunni POV is --can the sunni world produce a khomeini-like figure to lead a sunni islamic revolution in any of the 50 odd sunni states?

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