Iqbal: Gabriel :as: and Iblis (Satan)

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  1. Gabriel:
    My old friend,
    How is the world of sight and sound?

    Pain and passion; quest and yearning.

    Thou never talkest of anything but the heavens.
    Is there no cure for thy constant pain?

    Thou knowest not, alas, the secret of my pain!
    The loss I have suffered, has increased my passion more-,
    How silent is this world; desolate and wild!
    I cannot ever live here; I cannot!
    For one whose despair throbs in the heart of the universe,
    What is better-despair, or hope?

    By thy refusal thou hast lost thy place in heaven—
    And disgraced the angels in the eyes of the Lord.

    My courage gave a speck of dust the impulse to grow;
    My cunning is the fabric of man’s intellect.
    Thou watchest the war of good and evil, safely ashore,
    And who is battered by the storm-thou or I?
    Ask God, if thou hast the time to ask:
    Whose blood gave colour to Adam’s inglorious tale?
    I am a thorn in the Almighty’s mighty heart,
    And thou but mumblest His praise day and night.

    -Iqbal, Bal i Gibril (Jibril o Iblis). Translated by Naeem Siddiqui. From

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