Iqbal: Zuhd aur Rindy (Piety & Ecstasy)

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    In these poems Iqbal pokes fun at a certain type of dry-and-dusty mullah which type is becoming increasingly common (vide: rise of islamism). I hope no one on here will be offended.

    1. Zuhd aur Rindy (Piety and Ecstasy[lit. Drunkenness)
    [FONT=&quot] ا[/FONT]ک مولوي صاحب کي سناتا ہوں کہاني
    تيزي نہيں منظور طبيعت کي دکھاني
    شہرہ تھا بہت آپ کي صوفي منشي کا
    کرتے تھے ادب ان کا اعالي و اداني
    کہتے تھے کہ پنہاں ہے تصوف ميں شريعت
    جس طرح کہ الفاظ ميں مضمر ہوں معاني
    لبريز مےء زہد سے تھي دل کي صراحي
    تھي تہ ميں کہيں درد خيال ہمہ داني
    کرتے تھے بياں آپ کرامات کا اپني
    منظور تھي تعداد مريدوں کي بڑھاني
    مدت سے رہا کرتے تھے ہمسائے ميں ميرے
    تھي رند سے زاہد کي ملاقات پراني
    حضرت نے مرے ايک شناسا سے يہ پوچھا
    اقبال ، کہ ہے قمري شمشاد معاني
    پابندي احکام شريعت ميں ہے کيسا؟
    گو شعر ميں ہے رشک کليم ہمداني
    سنتا ہوں کہ کافر نہيں ہندو کو سمجھتا
    ہے ايسا عقيدہ اثر فلسفہ داني
    ہے اس کي طبيعت ميں تشيع بھي ذرا سا
    تفضيل علي ہم نے سني اس کي زباني
    سمجھا ہے کہ ہے راگ عبادات ميں داخل
    مقصود ہے مذہب کي مگر خاک اڑاني
    کچھ عار اسے حسن فروشوں سے نہيں ہے
    عادت يہ ہمارے شعرا کي ہے پراني
    گانا جو ہے شب کو تو سحر کو ہے تلاوت
    اس رمز کے اب تک نہ کھلے ہم پہ معاني
    ليکن يہ سنا اپنے مريدوں سے ہے ميں نے
    بے داغ ہے مانند سحر اس کي جواني
    مجموعہ اضداد ہے ، اقبال نہيں ہے
    دل دفتر حکمت ہے ، طبيعت خفقاني
    رندي سے بھي آگاہ شريعت سے بھي واقف
    پوچھو جو تصوف کي تو منصور کا ثاني
    اس شخص کي ہم پر تو حقيقت نہيں کھلتي
    ہو گا يہ کسي اور ہي اسلام کا باني
    القصہ بہت طول ديا وعظ کو اپنے
    تا دير رہي آپ کي يہ نغز بياني
    اس شہر ميں جو بات ہو اڑ جاتي ہے سب ميں
    ميں نے بھي سني اپنے احبا کي زباني
    اک دن جو سر راہ ملے حضرت زاہد
    پھر چھڑ گئي باتوں ميں وہي بات پراني
    فرمايا ، شکايت وہ محبت کے سبب تھي
    تھا فرض مرا راہ شريعت کي دکھاني
    ميں نے يہ کہا کوئي گلہ مجھ کو نہيں ہے
    يہ آپ کا حق تھا ز رہ قرب مکاني
    خم ہے سر تسليم مرا آپ کے آگے
    پيري ہے تواضع کے سبب ميري جواني
    گر آپ کو معلوم نہيں ميري حقيقت
    پيدا نہيں کچھ اس سے قصور ہمہ داني
    ميں خود بھي نہيں اپني حقيقت کا شناسا
    گہرا ہے مرے بحر خيالات کا پاني
    مجھ کو بھي تمنا ہے کہ 'اقبال' کو ديکھوں
    کي اس کي جدائي ميں بہت اشک فشاني
    اقبال بھي 'اقبال' سے آگاہ نہيں ہے
    کچھ اس ميں تمسخر نہيں ، واللہ نہيں ہے

    I am only relating to you the story of a mawlavâ
    I have no intention of showing my smartness

    His pious nature was widely known
    All the high and low respected him

    He used to say that Sharâ‘ah was veiled in taÅawwuf 1
    As meanings were veiled within words

    His heart's flask was filled to the brim with piety's wine
    He also had lees of the thought of pantology at the bottom

    He often used to describe his supernatural powers
    He always intended increase of his disciples' numbers

    He had been living in my neighborhood since long
    The ascetic and the rind were mutual friends since long

    The dignitary asked a friend of mine one day
    "Iqb«l who is a dignitary in the field of literature

    How is he in the obedience to the rules of Sharâ‘ah ?
    Though in poetry he is envy of the Kalâm of Hamadan 2

    I hear he does not consider the Hindu a non-believer
    He has such beliefs as a result of philosophy

    He has accepted a little bit of Shiaism also
    I have heard the greatness of ‘Alâ 3 from him

    He considers music as part of adoration
    He aims at making a mockery of religion

    He does not feel shy with amorous people
    This is a very old habit of our poets

    He has music at night, Qur’«n's recitation in the morning
    This secret is not yet fully understood by me

    But the information obtained from my disciples is
    That spotless like the dawn's whiteness his youth is

    He is not Iqb«l but a strange mixture of opposites he is
    Treasure of wisdom is his heart, but enigmatic his temper is

    He knows spiritual freedom as well as the Sharâ‘ah
    Regarding taÅawwuf, he is second only to ManÅër 4

    I am unable to understand his reality
    Founder of another kind of Islam he appears to be"

    In short he prolonged his sermon very much
    He long continued this wonderful speech

    Everyone soon hears all happenings in this city
    I myself heard it through my friends in the city

    One day as the respected ascetic met me in the street
    The old story restarted during the talk in the street

    He said, "That accusation was due to my affection
    It was my duty to show you the path of the Sharâ‘ah"

    I said, "I have no intention of any complaint at all
    It was your right due to being my neighbor

    I bow my head respectfully before you
    My youth is accustomed to respect for the old

    If you do not know the reality about me
    It does not show any lack of pantology

    I myself do not know my reality
    Very deep is the sea of my thoughts

    Since long I am also longing to see Iqb«l
    For long I have shed tears in his separation

    Iqb«l also is not acquainted with Iqb«l
    There is no joke in it, by God he is not


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