Iqbal's "La ilaha il Allah" (No god but God) with a wonderful translation

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  1. The poem is another of Iqbal's gems and the translation by someone calling themselves Anwaar at the old forum is wonderful. He has added a few words here and there to make the rhyme scheme work in translation but it is a great rendition of Iqbal's poem. I, as a translator, take my hats off to him. Wonderful!

    Khudi ka sirr-e-nihaaN La ilaha Il Allah
    Khudi hai tegh-e-fasaaN, La ilaha Il Allah
    The secret of the Self is hid,
    In words "No God but He alone".
    The Self is just a dull-edged sword,
    "No God but He", the grind stone. ​
    Yeh daur apney "Braheem" ki talaash meiN hai
    Sanam-kadah hai jahaaN, La ilaha Il Allah
    An Abraham by the age is sought
    To break the idols of this Hall:
    The avowal of God's Oneness can
    Make all these idols headlong fall.​
    Kiya hai tuney mata'a-e-gharoor ka sauda
    Fareb-e-sood-o-ziyaaN! La ilaha Il Allah
    A bargain you have struck for goods
    Of life, a step, that smacks conceit,
    All save the Call "No God but He"
    Is merely fraught with fraud and deceit​
    Yeh maal-o-daulat-e-dunya, yeh rishta-o-paiwaNd
    Butaan-e-wehm-o-gumaaN! La ilaha Il Allah
    The wordly wealth and riches too,
    Ties of blood and friends a dream
    The idols wrought by doubts untrue,
    All save God's Oneness empty seem.​
    Khird hui hai zamaan-o-makaan ki zunaari
    Na hai zamaaN, na makaaN! La ilaha Il Allah
    The mind has worn the holy thread
    Of time and space like pagans all
    Though time and space both illusive
    "No God but He" is true withal.​
    Yeh naghma fasl-e-gul-o-laaleh ka nahiN paabaNd
    Bahaar ho key khizaaN, La ilaha Il Allah
    These melodious songs are not confined
    To time when rose and tulip bloom
    Whatever the season of year be
    "No God but He" must ring till doom.​
    Agarchey but haiN jama'at ki aasteenoN meiN
    Mujhey hai huq'm-e-azaaN, La ilaha Il Allah
    Many idols are still concealed
    In their sleeves by the Faithful Fold,
    I am ordained by Mighty God
    To raise the call and be much bold​

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