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  1. New Website launch.....

    Please share....

    *** Important Announcement***

    Gift for the New Islamic Year 1440 AH.

    - Launch of NEW website.

    - Easy to understand.

    - Over 27 books

    - Hundereds of topics...

    - Increase your knowledge on the go!

    - Many topics to discover.

    1. Quran and translation.

    2. Aqidah 3 books.

    3. Fiqh - 8 books.

    4. Tahdheeb - 42 topics.

    5. The Beloved - 6 books.

    6. Ahlul Bayt - 1 book.

    7. Hadaike Bakhshish - Commentary on 9 Naats.

    8. Women in Islam - 2 Books.

    9. Our publications - published and non published books.

    10. Islamic Months (work in progress).

    11. Misc....other books 6 Books.

    12. Kids Zone. (Work in progress)

    - share with family, friends, social media and gain recurring reward (Sadaqa Jariya).
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  5. Salaam. Will be going for new print soon in sha Allah
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    Install it from google play:
    http:// https//

    Developer's Comments

    Alhamdulillah, brings you a new mobile application:
    “Gardens of Sunnah” / “Riyadh as Sunnah” is a famous compilation in the English language of the blessed Sunnah of the Beloved Prophet sallAllahu alayhi wa sallam, by Muhammad Abdul Mannan Ridwi. It consists of over 70 chapters and 800 pages, all of which have been brought to you in this app.

    The app is very simple and easy to use, just select a chapter and read!

    Some of the chapters include:
    - Sunnah of Eating
    - Sunnah of Walking
    - Sunnah of Miswaak
    - The Blessed Nalayn
    - Blessings of Durud and Salam
    - and many more!

    This app has been developed by, we are grateful to brother Muhammad Abdul Mannan for giving us permission and providing us with the digital version of the book, enabling us to create this application and thus serve the general public of the Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaa’ah.
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