Jaam-e-Nūr taqleed edition

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  1. Noori

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    a low resolution copy is here, but it is reasonably good for reading
  2. Noori

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    some other editions of jaam-e-noor here
  3. Noori

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    all of them are available here
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    unfortunately, some of the scribd links above have been deleted.

    anyway, if you drop down to p.286 here, you can read mufti sharif ul haq amjadi's short but excellent article on taqlid shakhsi.
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    Title and Index have also been uploaded, now you can combine them in one pdf.
  6. They are excellent articles and al humdullilah have been compiled into a book. They are very beneficial and should be translated into English.
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    the edition has already been published and as far as i can remember, is all in urdu. you can contact them, however, and see if they could make use of your article.
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    Jazakallahu khairan kathir Sidi for posting beneficial links in this forum.
    Alaika as-salatu wa as-salamu ya Rasulallah.
  11. Aqdas

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    Jaam-e-Noor - Taqlid and Ijtihad Issue

    the monthly jaam e noor has just released its special edition Taqlid and Ijtihad issue. It is about 260 pages. it is split into 5 chapters.

    chapter 1 has 9 articles by scholars of ahlus sunnah about the definition of taqlid and ijtihad and the need for it.

    chapter 2 has 4 interviews regarding taqlid and ijtihad. mawlana muHammad aHmad misbaHi is the sunni interviewee; abdul wahhab khalji the ahle hadith; waheed ud din khan from islami markaz and abdul hameed numani the deobandi.

    then comes the dialogue between mufti abdul mannan a'zmi [sunni]; zillu'r rahman taimi [ahle hadith]; waris mazhari [deobandi]; shafi' munis [jama'at e islami] and mawlana kokab nurani okarvi [sunni].

    then there's the dialogue between shaykh ramadan buti and a ghayr muqallid which is translated by mawlana nu'man ahmad azhari.

    then there's a 20 page section called izhar e khayalaat where scholars have given their views on the issue.

    chapter 3 is about the 4 imams and their works. this covers 24 pages.

    chapter 4 is about the imams and their knowledge of hadith and tafsir. also includes shah waliullah dihlawi's view on taqlid. also has the issue of taqlid and the muHaddithin and then answers to objections against imam abu hanifa.

    chapter 5 is about ghayr muqallids and the wahabis and the saudi government.


    it is a colourful cover with the contents page being in glossy paper in beautiful colour print. it is composed in [i think] the nastaliq font.

    it is a very worthy read and a magnificent effort by the team.

    to know more or to order please phone:

    0091 1232 281418
    0091 9313 783691


    Millat Ka Tarjaman
    Jaam-e-Noor monthly
    422 Matia Mahal, Jama Masjid,


    ps: jaam e noor is the periodical that was inaugurated by the shining star of ahlus sunnah, mawlana arshad ul qadri raHimahullah. his grandson, mawlana khushtar nurani aleeg, is now the editor. in my opinion, it has become the best urdu periodical from the subcontinent.

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