Jumu’ah - its definition

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    mufti ahmad yar khan (alaihi rahmah) writes, “this day (friday) is called jumu’ah because this is the day that the whole of creation was gathered (mujtama’) together, and the clay of sayyiduna adam (alaihis salam) was collected (jam’), and because people gather (jam’) and perform the friday prayer on this day. before the dawn of islam, the arabs called this day ‘aroobah. (mir’aat, v2). the prophet of Allah (sallallahu alaihi wassallam) warned, “if anyone misses three friday prayers due to negligence, allah will seal his heart.” (al mustadrak, v1). performing the friday prayer is farz al-‘ayn and its obligation is more stressed than that of prayer of dhuhr and to deny its obligation is kufr (disbelief).(durre-mukhtar, v3).

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