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  1. Unbeknown

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    sorry. it's section three.
  2. Unbeknown

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    I had heard them from a friend. Just contacted him. He said he had read them in volume1 of the sharH of hadayiq by Allama Faiz Ahmad Owaisi. Owaisi sahab had ascribed them to section two of hadayiq which, as you might know, is out of circulation on account of it's containing forged material spuriously attributed to alahazrat.

    The verses were:

    hai mere zere nageen mulke sukhan ta ba abad
    mere qabze me hai is khitte ke charon sarhad
    apne hi mulk se ta'beer hai mulke sarmad
    hai tasarruf me mere kishware na'ate ahmad (peace be upon him)
    mai bhi kya apne naseebe ka sikandar nikla
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    Like the Maqt'a of certain Na'at such as; unki mahek ne dil ke, hai kalam e ilahi mai, nazar ik chaman waghaira
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    Do you mean an entire kalām or just the verses pertaining to it?
  5. Unbeknown

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    Please share links or scans of the following:

    1. Manqabat in honor of hazrat muHibb-e-rasul. I think it contains the lines, "mai bhi dekhun jo tune dekha hai roz-e-sa'ee"

    2. Nazm in which alahazrat acknowledges his own mastery over language and his eloquence.

    jazakAllahu khayran

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