Kuchh Aisa Kar De Mere Kirdgaar Aankhon Mein - by Mufti e Aazam e Hind

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  1. inquisitive

    inquisitive Well-Known Member

    I was saying it as an inferior mendicant at the door step of the Ghawth

    May Allah grant us His Love and Marifat
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  2. Aqib alQadri

    Aqib alQadri Veteran

    It is "piyaa hai jaam" in the original...

    but if a mureed wants to read it as "diyaa hai jaam"... it still sounds great.
  3. inquisitive

    inquisitive Well-Known Member

    Diya hai jaam-e-MuHabbat jo aap ne Noori,
    Hamesha uska rahega khumar aakhoN maiN
  4. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    the ulama of Bareilly are true lovers of rasulAllah sallAllahu alayhi wa sallam. such beautiful words! jazakAllahu khayran for the translation.
  5. Aqib alQadri

    Aqib alQadri Veteran

    Penned By Mufti e Aazam e Hind - Maulana Mustafa Raza Khan alQadri (may Allah have mercy upon him).

    English Translation by Aqib alQadri

    Kuchh Aisa Kar De Mere Kirdgaar Aankhon Mein

    Hamesha Naqsh Rahe Roo-e-Yaar Aankhon mein

    O my Creator, do such a wonder to my eyes,

    That the image of the beloved’s face remains within my eyes!

    Woh Noor De Mere Parwardigar Aankhon Mein

    Ke Jalwagar RaheRukhKi Bahaar Aankhon Mein

    Give me, O my Lord, such a unique light in my eyes,

    That the blossom of his face remains permanent within my eyes!

    Tumhaare Qadmon pe moti nisaar hone ko

    Hain be-shumaar meri Ashkbaar Aankhon mein

    O beloved, waiting to be sacrificed upon your feet are pearls,

    Countless are they, in my tearful two eyes

    Unhe na dekha to kis kaam ki hai ye Aankhein

    Ke Dekhne ki he saari Bahaar Aankhon mein

    Without his vision, of what use are these eyes?

    For in seeing him, is the real blossom for the eyes!

    Nazar mein Kaise samayenge phool Jannat ke

    Ke bus chuke hai Madine ke Khaar Aankhon mein

    How can the flowers of paradise appear good to my eyes?

    For the thorns of Medina have taken root in my eyes!

    Ajab nahi ke likha Lauh ka Nazar Aaye

    Jo Naqshe Paa ka laga’oon Ghubaar Aankhon mein

    No wonder if the text of the Tablet becomes visible,

    Were I to rub the dust of his footprints, in my eyes!

    Khule hain deeda-e-Ushaaq Khwaabe marg mein bhi

    Ke Us Nigaar ka he intizaar Aankhon mein

    The lovers’ eye-lids are open even after their deaths,

    Waiting to see the beloved, there is still hope in the eyes!

    Ye Dil Tarap Ke Kahee Aankhon mein Na Aajaye

    Ke Phir Rahaa hai kisi ka Mazaar Aankhon mein

    May not my heart well-up into my eyes,

    For the shrine of my beloved, roams within my eyes!

    Karam ye mujh pe kiya he mere tassawur ne

    Ke Aaj khench di hai Tasweer-e-Yaar Aankhon mein

    My imagination has done this favour to me,

    Today it has painted the image of the beloved, in my eyes!

    Farishto Poochte ho mujh se kis ki Ummat ho

    Lo Dekh lo yeh hai tasweer-e-Yaar Aankhon mein

    O Angels, why do you ask whose follower I am?

    Look, here is the image of my beloved in my eyes!

    Piyaa he Jaam-e-Muhabbat jo aap ne NOORI

    Hamesha Us ka rahega Khumaar Aankhon mein

    O Noori, such is the cup of love that you drank,

    Its intoxication will forever remain in the eyes!
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