Law regards to Dye .

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  1. Khaake-Taibah

    Khaake-Taibah New Member

    Does Black Colour is known as Dye (Khezaab) or the term #Dye itself known as Dye by it's Defination ?
  2. Khaake-Taibah

    Khaake-Taibah New Member

    Salaam ,
    Can pls reply ,
    Is the use of hair Dye(Khezaab) permissible for women (As now a days Some hair Oils contains dye colour),
    And how can a person differentiate between Colour and Dye ,
    As in regards to Science and technology some colours are said as Dye while Dye too is mentioned as colour !
    While scientifically the properties(It's effect)of Dye and colour differ from each other but in General it's said as Colour.
    Pls if anyone can pls reply .

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