Learning Some Arabic Words/Terms.

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    ..."2) TAWHID:- Unification,"....would it be better to say oneness..as unification conjures up thoughts of separate parts coming together or unifying to make one..which sounds a bit taymian..
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    Salaam to you all,
    May I have that pleasure of inviting your attention towards re-freshing ourselves to the meaning(s) and significance of some Arabic words and/or terms as follows:--

    1) TAQWA:- The basic meaning is setting a barrier between 2 things. This is why it is said that one ittaqa with his shield, ie he set it as a barrier between him and the one who wished him evil. Therefore it is as if the one who has taqwa (muttaqi) has his following the Commands of Allah, Azza Wa Jallah, and avoiding His prohibitions as a barrier between himself and the Punishment.. Hence he has preserved and fortified himself aginst the punishment of Allah through his obeying Him.

    2) TAWHID:- Unification, Monotheism and the belief in the absolute Oneness of Allah. It is to believe that Allah Alone is the creator, nourisher and sustainer of the worlds; it is to believe that Allah Alone deserves to be worshipped; and it is to believe that He has unique and perfect Names and Attributes that far transcend anything we can imagine.

    3) YAQIN:- It is to faith (Iman) what the soul is to the body, it is the soul to the actions of the heart which in turn formulate the souls to the actions of the limbs and through it one attains the rank of Siddiq. From yaqin does tawakkul (absolute reliance In Allah) sprout and through yaqin is all doubt, suspicion and worry dispelled and the heart filled with Love, hope and fear of Allah. Yaqin is of 3 levels: that which arises from knowledge (ilm al-Yaqin), Seeing (ain al-yaqin) and actual experience (Haqq al-yaqin).

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