lessons from the martyrdom of imam husayn

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    some lessons from the martyrdom of imam husayn. raDiyAllahu anhu.

    life in this world is indulging and many things in this world are attractive; but everyone has to eventually die leaving behind this green and sweet life. and the best are the martyrs - as said in these lines attributed to imam husayn raDiyallahu ta'ala anhu: [bidayah wa'n nihayah, 11/594]


    even though this world is deemed elegant and beautiful
    yet, the dwelling that is the reward of Allah ta'ala is far higher and more nobler

    and if bodies are made that they eventually have to meet death
    then to be killed in the path of Allah, by the sword, is far superior [than otherwise]

    if sustenance is decreed and designated for an appointed time
    then a man expending effort sparingly [to get it] is a better thing

    and if wealth is garnered and hoarded so that it [will finally] be handed down as inheritance
    then why should a man be stingy in spending that which will be left behind?

    death is appointed and it shall come.


    and it is not for a soul to die, except by the permission of Allah and at the appointed time decreed; whoever wishes for reward in this world, We shall give them thereof; and those who wish for reward in the hereafter, We will give them thereof. indeed, We shall reward the grateful. [surah aal imran 3:145]​

    there is no escaping death...

    wherever you be, death will come to you - even if you are in the most formidable of towers [surah nisa, 3:78]​

    but the martyrdom of imam husayn raDiyallahu anhu is not for us to wail and lament and make a show of loss and agony. indeed, it is natural to feel sad at the suffering of ahl al-bayt at this juncture but still, his martyrdom teaches us to be adherent to the shariah at all times - to fight for it and to be prepared to sacrifice anything and anyone if need be, for the sake of upholding the shariah.

    the sacrifice of imam husayn is to emphasise the lesson of the qur'an, that life in this world is temporal - and that we will pass on to the hereafter.


    every soul shall taste death; and verily you will get your requital* fully on the day of judgement. whosoever is kept away from [hell]fire and made to enter paradise, has truly been successful. the life in this world is nothing but a delusion of wealth [and enjoyment]. [surah aal imran, 3:185]​

    *qurTubi says: ajr is recompense; for mum'min it is reward and for a kafir it is punishment. as is known.

    should we wail and bemoan loss in this world, which in hindsight will be seen for what it is: fleeting and short.


    [when asked, how long did you live in the world - see the previous ayah]
    they say: we stayed therein for a day or a part of the day; ask those who enumerate. [surah mu'minun 23:113]​

    those with sense will not feel the sense of loss in this world:


    the life in this world is nothing but play and amusement; and the home in the hereafter is better for those who are pious and fear Allah; do you not understand? [surah al-an'am 6:32]​

    imam husayn knew it well:


    whoever wishes the herafter and strives hard for it, AND is a believer; indeed, their effort will be rewarded [surah isra'a 17:19]​

    because, everything in this world will perish and that in the hereafter abides:


    and the hereafter is better, and everlasting. [surah al-a'ala, 87:17]​

    but why wail? imam Husayn is alive - and heroes who are alive should be celebrated:

    and do not imagine that those killed in the path of Allah are dead; rather, they are alive and they get sustenance near their Lord. [surah aal imran 3:169]​

    and for us,


    indeed, in their [lives] there is an excellent example for those who hope from Allah and [for success] on the final day; and whosoever turns away, then verily Allah ta'ala is free from need, the Abundantly Praised. [surah mumtahanah, 60:6]

    in bidayah wa'n nihayah, [vol.11/p.523] when someone warned imam husayn raDiyAllahu anhu of the impending catastrophe:


    Hurr ibn yazid said: "O husayn, i remind you of Allah [i.e., for Allah's sake] about your own life; because i am sure that if you fight them, you will be fought stiffly; and if you fight, you will be killed, in my estimation."

    imam Husayn said: "are you trying to scare me from death? rather, i will reply as the brother of aws said to his cousin when he met him, on his way to aid RasulAllah sallAllahu alayhi wa sallam. and his cousin said: "where are you going? you will get killed." he replied:

    i shall pass on; and there is no shame for a man to die
    when he intends for the Truth and for rights, and fights as a muslim

    and he has followed in the footsteps of righteous and pious men
    and leaves, fearing that he would live [without fighting for right and] be humiliated.

    in the same bidayah wa'n nihayah, [11/593] the following lines are attributed to imam husayn:


    become independent of everyone by [putting your trust solely in] the Creator
    and you will be free from the false and the truthful

    ask Al-Rahman to give you sustenance from His Grace
    because there is none who can give [rizq] except Allah

    whoever thinks that he can become independent because of people*
    has not truly relied upon Allah, Al-Rahman

    or if he thinks that wealth comes only by his effort and striving
    is tripping on his shoes, trying to scale a mighty mountain.

    * that is hoping for empowerment and support from rulers, the wealthy or people of influence and assume that they will be powerful because of the support from other people.

    نسأل الله العافية
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