lest we forget

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    All paths lead to me, none leads away
    I, the lightless, airless quarry
    Eagerly counting down to the day
    When at last my apportioned quarry
    Within my depths shall come to stay

    I, the vanquisher of the invincible
    The frustrator of every cunning schemer
    The fearless, the fearsome and the feared
    All I acquaint with debilitating terror

    As for that snob, ornately gilt
    Vainly swaddled and grandiose
    Him do I treat to my lowly silt
    And with stench I humble his nose

    All that is beautiful, I disfigure
    To all that is firm, I bring decay
    All that is fresh, I cause to rot
    Nothing in me untouched can stay

    I am the preoccupation of the wise
    Who in anxiety for the morrow dwell
    Against this world of strife and vice
    My quilt of dirt shall sod them well

    The pangs of hunger I pacify
    And soothe the pricks of thirst
    All man's 'wants' I satisfy
    With generous moundfuls of dirt

    The undulations of wealth and penury
    The serrations of victory and defeat
    The unevenness of fame and ignominy
    All into a level flatness I beat

    All successes I render futile,
    All tracks of failure untrod
    Glories bethought but for a while
    Disgrace anon forgot

    To the patient I bring relief
    To the unrepentant sinner, grief
    Painful hunger and thirst indulgent
    For the selfish, satiated insouciant

    Thus all swains of this faithless dunya, I duly devastate
    Take heed therefore, lest you too come to regret
    Life passes in the blink of an eye. Be patient. Wait.
    This communique from me to you- Lest We Forget.

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