looking for an explanation of Qasida Burda sharif by a South African Sunni

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by Abdul Mustafa 786, Aug 17, 2011.

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    A long time ago, during the nascent days of the WWW, I came across this wonderful recording of a recitation of the Burdah Sharif by a South African Mufti called Mufti Abbas, or something, in which he recited each verse of the Burdah then gave a translation and explanation of that verse--he did the entire Burdah sharif; it was amazing. The audience joins him in reciting the chorus (Mawla ya Salli wa Sallam...) after each verse. Now I am trying to find it again but cannot.

    If anyone has it I will be grateful as I want to put it onto my mp3 player...

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