Mafātīĥ and Maqālīd

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  1. Aqdas

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    above is a clear example of two types of people:

    one group reads the Qur'an to find those verses which they think they can use to show the status of rasulAllah sallAllahu 'alaihi wasallam to be nothing more than normal.

    the other group, we, the ahlu's sunnah, read the Qur'an and always try to find verses that are in any way, shape or form, a praise of the master sallAllahu 'alaihi wasallam. eg. read mufti aHmad yaar khan nai'mi's shaan e Habibu.r raHman min ayaati.l qur'an.
  2. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    imam ahmad raza has explained these two words beautifully in reference to 'ilm al-ghayb of rasulAllah sallAllahu 'alaihi wasallam. they are in the Qur'an when talking about the keys of the unseen.

    the first letter of Mafātīĥ is م and the last is ح

    the first letter of Maqālīd is م and the last is د

    combining them gives محمد

    i was wondering if anyone could get hold of the actual passage of the imam. i can't remember where or from which book of his i read it

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