Mar Key Jeeney Ka Paaun Mazaa Khair Sey - by Mufti Akhtar Raza Khan

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    With English Translation, at a brother's request.

    مر کے جینے کا پاؤں مزا خیر سے

    مفتی اختر رضا خان القادری

    مر کے جینے کا پاؤں مزا خیر سے، راہ طیبہ میں آے قضا خیر سے

    May I safely enjoy my life after my death!

    On the path of Medina, may safely come my death!

    کیجئیے میرے حق میں دعا خیر سے، خاک طیبہ میں ہو میری جا خیر سے

    Supplicate well in my favour, for my safety!

    May my abode be in the sands of Medina, with safety!

    مجھ کو ان کا اشارہ ملا خیر سے، میں مدینے کی جانب چلا خیر سے

    My good fortune, I received the master’s permission!

    I set off towards Medina, in his care and protection!

    خوب گزرینگے صبح و مسا خیر سے، ان کے در پہ جو بستر جما خیر سے

    The mornings and evenings will pass well, in prosperity!

    For I have camped at his doorstep, with safety!

    عام ہے ان کا جود و سخا خیر سے، ان کے در پہ ہیں شاہ و گدا خیر سے

    Our good fortune, widespread is his benevolence and generosity!

    Prospering at his door are kings and beggars, seeking charity!

    وہ اٹھی موج بحر عطا خیر سے، یا وہ دست کرم اٹھ گیا خیر سے

    The wave of benevolence surges from the sea, with good fortune!

    Or shall I say, his benevolent hands are extended, in generosity!

    شام سے ہم کو طیبہ میں نیند آ گی، زندگی کا سویرا ہوا خیر سے

    I dozed off in the sunset of my life in Medina!

    My life began with a new dawn, with safety!

    خاک طیبہ کو پا کر ہوں میں شادماں، میرا اختر درخشاں ہوا خیر سے

    How ecstatic is “Akhtar” to get the dust of Medina!

    My star now shines bright, in prosperity!

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    The following beautiful Naat shareef was recited by Allamah Mufti Akhtar Raza Khan Sahab (damat barakatuhum al-aaliyah), at my residence almost 20 years ago; I had memorized it since then.

    I looked up various versions of his Naat collections, but was surprised that it was not recorded in any of them; and have therefore written it down in order to preserve the beautiful words.

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