Mawlana Khadim Husayn Ridawi

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Nabeela, Oct 25, 2017.

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    words fail me.

    jān o dil, hosh o khirad sab to madine ponhche
    tum nahi chalte razā sārā to sāmān gayā
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    let us have instances - how many times has the shaykh 'cursed'. that is if he called someone a dog or a pig. and whom did he direct this curse at?

    personally, i wish he had not said that too, but when one is angry - and angry for the sake of RasulAllah sallAllahu alayhi wa sallam - it can be forgiven.

    people get mad for all sort of reasons. if he got angry for the sake of right, what is the big deal? he is honest about how he feels - while many people would utter filthy language in private, but are oh-so-holier-than-thou decent in public.

    what is the proof of this 'ulterior motive' and 'power grab'. until it happens, it is just a conjecture. besides, we can turn the same thing on you (i.e. those who accuse) that you are jealous and afraid that his popularity is affecting your hidden and evil motives. you are saying this because you are afraid of failing in your own subterfuges and fear erosion of your popularity - or anxious that you will be exposed for whatever you are hiding within.
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    there are many FAKE videos being circulated on Whatsapp; one is truly so immature, it makes me wonder if the deobandis who made it actually ate crow dung before filming it.

    the video shows a man standing, with the bright sun behind him (so that his face is not visible). he then utters expletives, which others respond to with joy.

    1. Allamah Khadim Husain Razavi CANNOT STAND. He is in a wheel-chair since many years.
    2. The voice of the person is very, very different from that of Allamah sahab.
    3. The TONE of the person speaking is also very, very different from that of Allamah sahab.

    so, that is definitely FAKE.

    in the other videos, when he disparages the secular & renegade rascals as dogs & swine - then they are indeed like that; and disparaging them is indeed an act of virtue; for that is a Sunnah of the Sahabah. In one video, a person is heard shouting expletives - but that is not Allamah sahab; anyway, that too is permitted if the person being addressed has insulted our Prophet.

    Dushman e Ahmed Peh Shiddat Kijiye, MulhidoN Ki Kia Murawwat Kijiye?

    for the "power grab" comment, there is no way to cut open his heart and see!
    those who said this should cut up their heart to show that there is no jealousy!

    KaruN terey Naam Peh JaaN Fidaa, Na Bas Aik Jaan Do JahaaN Fidaa,
    Do JahaaN Sey Bhi NahiN Jee Bhara, KaruN Kia KarodoN JahaaN NahiN.

    I sacrifice my life upon your name O, the Holy Prophet; not just one life, but both the worlds!
    Sacrificing even the two worlds does not appease me; what shall I do, there are not billions of worlds!

    may Allah ta'ala guide all Sunnis to love the Messenger in the manner that he deserves. Aameen.

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    With all due respects to the Shaykh, I'm getting many objections and criticisms that I no longer know how to respond to, such as:
    • He curses too much and this is not befitting of an 'Alim-e-deen regardless. People don't take him seriously because of this.
    • He has an ulterior motive (power grab) and this is all a ploy while taking advantage of people's innocence and naïvety
    As expected, the media has done a fantastic job in deceiving the world into believing various lies.

    "The molvis are at it again"
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    May Allah grant Tawfiq to Mevlana Seyh Hâdim Rizvî Hâzretlerî and the Ulama Ehl-i Sünnet and in establishing governance according to the Shariah, Ameen
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    If You want to see the sign of a man then his inner will show on his outer- if his face shines bright and He is Upright in His actions and word then that is a sound indicator. One of the first things you notice about The Esteemed Shaykh is the Noor on His face and Allahu Alam
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    Subhan Allah! Labbayk Ya Rasul Allah (صلى الله عليه وسلم)
    Sunnis have been crying out in Pakistan for such an honest, fearless, straight-talking Shaykh for a long time now. He tells it how it is. I have to be honest his speeches have refreshed my imaan in a way that few others can match.
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    Amir Al Mujahideen and TLP mujahideen have won Alhamdulillah
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    In this video, when Allama Khadim Hussayn Ridwi Sahib mentions about the dream of Dr Aafia being blessed with the ziyarah of Sayyidina RasulAllah ﷺ in dream...#emotional.

    Please keep Dr Aafia in your Du'as.
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    woh Raza ke nezey ki maar hai, keh aduww ke seeney mein gaar hai,
    kisey chaara-joi ka waar hai, keh yeh waar waar se paar hai.

    Such is the strike of Raza's spear, it creates a hole in the chest of the foe!
    None can claim to have a solution to this, for this wound is beyond any cure!
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    woh Raza ke nezey ki maar hai, keh aduww ke seeney mein gaar hai,
    kisey chaara-joi ka waar hai, keh yeh waar waar se paar hai.
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    the first line of a fatwa - bring us another like Ahmed Raza if you can

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    Imam Ahmad Raza

    no nectar sweeter, than the honey his of garden
    nor saber sharper, than the sting of his pen,
    one to the lovers he serves, the other reserves
    for the ingrates, each gets what he deserves

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    The way Allama Khadim recites from @3:53, Allah! Ma shaa Allah Azzawajal.

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    Allama Khadim Hussain Ridawi Farmatey hain k Mohabbat- e- Rasool ﷺ ka nasha aisa hai kay marne kay baad bhi nahin jaata! Beshak.

    Na'ra e Takbir: Allah hu Akbar

    Na'ra e Risalat: Ya RasulAllah ﷺ

    Sadqey Ya RasulAllah ﷺ
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