Mawlid- Burda-a'Azamiyyah

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  1. Masha Allah...

    Muhammadun Basharun La kal-Bashari ... Bal Huwa kal-Yaquti fil Hajari
  2. mashallah! very nice Al-Qasida al-Burda recitation
  3. amen thumma amen!
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    assalamu 'alaykum bros and sis' Milad un Nabi mubarak to all of you!

    This is a rendition by a professional Sunni nasheed group from 'Iraq in a massive Mawlid in 'Azamiyyah, Baghdad in 2008. As you can see in the video, the Masjid of Imam al-'Adham Abu Hanifa Nu'man bin Thabit is shining. The blessed burda is being recited inside the blessed masjid. Tens of thousands of Sunnis are celebrating the Mawlid outside the blessed Masjid complex, families, young and old, everybody listening to the blessed Burda

    'Azamiyyah is famous in 'Iraq for holding the largest Mawlid celebrations tens of thousands strong outside Kurdish 'Iraq and Mosul. As I recall, Mawlid is in the blood of all 'Iraqis. You must know, no matter what happens, 'Iraqis will always celebrate the Mawlid in mass.

    I have never seen any arab nation in the Arabian Peninsula wish others Mawlid Mubarak more than the 'Iraqi Sunnis especially the Kurds.

    Below is the second part in continuation. You can see the nasheed group in Masjid Imam al-'Adham Abu Hanifa Nu'man bin Thabit radyAllahu ta'ala 'anhu

    Notice the 'Iraqi Sunnis listening to them. Ya Rasool Ya Rasool Ya Rasool sal'Allah 'alayhi wa alihi wa salam. Ya Allah I ask you for the sake of your Habeeb resting in Madina, please protect the Sunnis of 'Iraq! Ya RasulAllah I ask you to please help your lovers, the Sunnis of 'Iraq, protect them from all harm from the devils. Ya RasulAllah they need your help in this day the 12th of Rabi' al-Awwal the day you came to us to liberate us. Ameen

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