misappropriating the legacy of great men

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    That is, you take it directly from him.

    Do not trust nobody who tells you that you cannot understand him - that his works are impenetrable or unapproachable.

    He wanted the masses to read his fataawa - he wanted them to take that light from him - he wanted them to listen to his words and be moved by them, again and again he addresses the masses directly: "O Muslims", "O followers of the shari'ah of Muhammad (peace be upon him)"!

    who's listening?
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    That's what is being done to Alahazrat today.

    Left right and center, people are claiming to be his "real" legatees. His "true" followers. The "only" ones to have understood him correctly. The "interpreters" of his fataawa, the representatives of his school, the "interlocutors" of his maslak.

    And what is his maslak? Whatever the individual or group in question wants it to be.

    His books are only there to be misread and misinterpreted and misapplied.

    But at all costs, keep the masses away from his books, keep them from reading him, from discovering him for themselves - that would be fatal to the ambitions of these "holy sages", these "Allamahs" and "Shaykh-ul-Islaams". Discourage the masses from approaching his books, tell the people that they are inept and unqualified, that it requires super-human intellects and unattainable qualifications (such as they tehmselves boast of) to "really" understand Alahazrat.

    And the miracle of Alahazrat is that he foresaw all this and he warned in his wasaaya shareef:

    RasulAllah (peace be upon him) is a light from the Lord Almighty . His companions were illuminated by him; they illuminated their followers, and who in turn illuminated their successors. The successors illuminated the mujtahid imams and we became radiant taking light from them. And now, we are telling you: take this light from us – it is necessary that you become illuminated by us. This light is the true and sincere love of Allah and His Messenger, the respect and veneration due to them, the service of the friends of Allah and to honour them and to bear enmity towards those who are enemies of Allah and His Messenger.

    Indeed, Allah táala will make someone among His slaves to stand up for the aid and defence of His religion; but I do not know how he might be and what he may tell you. Therefore, listen to me carefully – the Proof of Allah has been established; and I will not come back from my grave to tell you once more. Whoever listens to this and accepts can await radiance and salvation on Judgement Day; and he who does not accept will suffer darkness and perdition.
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    That's what the Jewish Rabbis did to Sayyiduna Musa (peace be upon him).

    That's what the Christians did to Sayyiduna 'Isa (peace be upon him).

    That's what the shi'as did to Mawla 'Ali (may Allah ta'ala ennoble his noble self).
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    What do you do when a man's greatness is entrenched deeply in the public psyche and you cannot or do not wish to agree with everything he said, things he stood for, ideas he propagated, but at the same time, you cannot ignore him for the canvas of public opinion imprinted with his larger-than-life image confronts you everywhere you go, you cannot pretend to not know him except at the cost of your ambitions to make big in the world receiving a severe blow, you cannot contradict him without facing a significant backlash, you cannot argue against him or gainsay his positions because you have not the wherewithal, the necessary proofs, to do it, or because you lack the erudition or the qualifications necessary to even attempt such a move, or because you are a spineless coward and lack the nerve to face the crowd at whose expense you wish to ride to fame, power, glory and wealth?

    You become a shameless liar, a thief, a hideous hypocrite, an absolutely disgusting and infernally corrupt low-life - you misappropriate him.

    You abuse the trust that people have placed in you.

    You hide the real persona of that person from the masses.

    You lie to them and then lie some more and then some more.

    That's what has been done to scores of history's most famous individuals - irrespective of whether they really merited the crown of greatness conferred upon them by the general masses, or other famous elites.

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