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  1. Harris786

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    Seems these guys have always been on the wrong side of the rebellion - this post goes back to Apr 14, 2013

    Dear Brothers/Sisters,
    Assalam alaikum wa rahmatullah.
    Some of you may be following the situation in Syria closer than others. Some of you may be struggling to comprehend the different dimensions of it, for it is indeed complex, with many strands and nuances.
    We present below a very crude reader of many - not all - of Shaykh Muhammad's - hafiDHahullah - public posts on Facebook, interspersed with an interview (with the News Center) and a roundtable TV discussion (with the Carnegie Endowment).
    Since this material isn't collated centrally, we'd like to make a more comprehensive and centralised list, so if any of you have bookmarked any posts which you notice have not been included below, or any other publicly documented activity - e.g. TV interviews (like the RUSSI one), articles, media interviews in the press, etc. - please do reply to myself, including the links and date/time. This will help us chronologise the timeline.
    Please note the following:
    1. Of particular importance will be any replies Shaykh Muhammad - hafiDHahullah - has made to people who've commented on, for example, a FB post of his. Because there are often important additional clarifications contained therein, which can easily get lost as the reply by Sayyidi is part of a long thread. The exact links to those ad hoc remarks by Sayyidi - hafiDHahullah - are required, please.
    2. I'm conscious we've not included YouTube links to the below list, so any help with that will be gratefully received. Preferably YT links which come from our own channel, rather than a third-party, unless unavoidable.
    3. Some of the arabic links below seem to not have been translated, or, I couldn't locate the translation, so if any of you can provide me a direct link to that, it would be appreciated.
    4. It is likely that there are a number of the arabic FB posts missing from the below list, so anybody who can help providing links to them (and a translation of the title of the post ideally), that would be really useful.
    5. There are many people out there confused over what is occurring and what the appropriate response should be. Thankfully, there is a wealth of insight, information, history, fiqh, application of fiqh, and understanding, in the posts by Shaykh Muhammad - hafiDHahullah - which we'd all do well to comprehend and imbibe, so that when we are promulgating the work of SKT Welfare, we too can talk with confidence and authority.
    6. This is an important exercise as we need to be familiar with all of Shaykh Muhammad's - hafiDHahullah - public pronouncements/activity, in order to cement our own understanding, but also to document the activity, and to better further the essential work SKT Welfare is doing.
    What we discovered from our firsthand encounters with those within Syria, is that their opinion, and what Shaykh Muhammad - hafiDHahullah - has being saying, is one. Which shows how close Shaykh Muhammad is to the true picture on the ground. This came as no surprise whatsoever to the team, but to hear it firsthand lends the work we're doing that extra dimension of credibility in the eyes of those looking from the outside in, not all of whom share our deference to Shaykh Muhammad, hafiDHahullah.
    Please send any replies to myself at n1sba@... .

    01/05/2012 - Guidance - Has Victory Been late? -

    15/05/2012 - Arabic -

    07/2012 - [no specific date within July shown] Arabic of Is Dr Buti a mujtahid in supporting the Syrian regime? -

    13/07/2012 - In response to the Trimseh Massacre -

    11/08/12 - Arabic -

    21/08/12 - Is Dr.Buti a mujtahid in supporting the Syrian regime? -

    09/11/2012 - Carenigie Endowment discussion on The Role of Political Islam in Post-Assad Syria - of Political Islam_transcript.pdf

    18/11/2012 - Arabic -

    24/11/2012 - Arabic - Shaykh al-Yaqoubi Condemns the Bombing of Shrines in Aleppo -

    27/11/2012 - [translation of preceding] - Has the War on Sunnis Started? -

    06/03/xxxx - Arabic, datestamp doesn't specify year, am assuming 2013 -

    11/03/xxxx - Arabic, datestamp doesn't specify year; am assuming 2013 -

    27/03/2013 - Deposing the Ruler When He Breaches the Interests of Muslims -

    28/03/2013 - Interview with the News Center -

    29/03/2013 - Difficulties of War Do Not Annul the Duty of Jihad -

    30/03/2013 - An Islamic Identity for Syria and Working with the 1950 Constitution -
  2. Harris786

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    Adnan Raja has embarrassed Mufti Sahib by professing to having penned the article. Mufti Sahib was asked whether he wrote the article before a response was given, he refused to entertain the question.

    Mufti Sahib - you seem like a nice person, and it seems Adnan Raja has made you a pawn in his attacks against Shaykh Ramadan.

    Let's not forget, Adnan Raja is a bitter ex- student of Shaykh Asrar who was dismissed from his job at Woodlands Rd Masjid because of his incompetence.

    Allah is aware of your tricks. May Allah guide you all. Amin
  3. Harris786

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    Mufti Sahib has realised he has made a big mistake in attacking Shaykh Ramadān, he is clearly back tracking now.

    This post of his will also be refuted using his own (initial) article.

    A point to note: Mufti Sahib took time out to read up and listen to Imam Buti's clips, after which he wrote a 15 page document.

    WHY does he need someobody else to write to against Hamza Yusuf?! WHAT kind of Mufti are you?!

    You write harsh words against an Imam who served this pure religion sincerely, died whilst teaching al-Qur'ān, but you have the audacity to tell someone else to write something against HY?!

    You have no ghayrah! You purposefully targetted someone who is not around to defend himself!

    We don't need your "signature", who an earth do you think you are?! You are not doing Ahlu Sunnah a favour!

    Alhumdulillah, those who saw HY for what he really is, did not look around to see who they associate with before calling out his kuffriyāt!

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  4. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    the discussion of shaykh bouti's fiqhi opinion on ziyarat is analysed here:

    also in that post is the explanation of imam nawawi's position that one should face the blessed grave with their back to the qiblah when visiting RasulAllah sallAllahu alayhi wa sallam.

    moved to keep two issues separate. now that shaykh bouti is no more, we do dua and hope his slips are forgiven. nas'alu Allaha al-aafiyah.
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  5. Harris786

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    This is the response article to Wajid Iqbal's claims regarding Imam Bouti written by a fellow colleague. False claims of violating the parameters of Sunni creed were made by Wajid Iqbal against Imam Bouti, all of which have been countered in this article including the false claim still being perpetuated by cultist blind followers that Imam Bouti permitted pornography (refuge is sought with Allah!). It is pertinent that these people repent and retract that false claim. Do not follow whatever you are told without verification. As for brother Wajid, he should revise or re-read the works of Kalam (theology) and learn the correct definition of 'parameters of Sunni creed' and not allow bias get the best of him, otherwise he will start claiming 'giyarwi, tawiz, pirs and bayah' are all essential in creed. I also await for his refutation on Akram Nadwi and a host of others instead of disparaging the martyr.

    - Asrar Rashid
  6. Harris786

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  7. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    no, i haven't.

    not starry eyed. we respect all sunni ulama. and they are all held to the same standard (except in the case of deobandi issue, where we have more consideration for arabs as they cannot understand urdu books or understand urdu idioms).

    why else do you think we are criticising shaykh yaqubi?

    now, as for assad's funeral and whatever might have transpired - coercion could be a valid excuse. regardless, sh. yaqubi himself discounted this support of sh.bouti in his articles while the slain man was alive. we have all seen how sh.bouti was murdered - and his last words. we hope and pray all that he did before is forgiven. however, if he really made mistakes - those mistakes WILL be criticised, depending on the seriousness of such mistakes.

    shaykh yaqubi's obituaries:

    attributed to shaykh yaqoubi:

    "Our statement on his death does not mean that we changed our opinion; it is rather based on his long struggle for Islam, and based on the fact that he is Muslim and we refuse any attempts to accuse him of disbelief and on the fact that he died in a masjid while praying and giving a lecture and on the fact that he was planning to leave Syria after he read our last article “To Dr. Bouti: wake up from your state of intoxication” and after our efforts to convince him."
    nas'alu Allaha al-aafiyah.
  8. IsmailHusaynQadri

    IsmailHusaynQadri New Member

    Not defending al-Yaqoubi, but I would like to ask if anyone here has seen the janazah of the late Syrian President Hafez al-Assad?

    If an Indian or Pakistani 'aalim had acted the way that al-Bouti did at a kaafir's funeral, would anyone here defend him in the way al-Bouti is being defended? Why are we so starry eyed about the 'ulama of the Arab world but hold Asian 'ulama to a much higher standard?

    CHISHTI Well-Known Member

    To openly "refute" Shaykh Bouti Rahmatullah Aley and infer his methodology is neo salafi and then promote/praise the wahabi akram nadwi...even wax lyrical about him...and then talk about crossing the boundaries of Ahlus Sunnah smacks of an agenda driven cult of personality rather than a tareeqah based on haq. When will mufti sahib find time to refute nadwi and educate us on the reality of those who praise deviants?
  10. Harris786

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    "I remained silent... I remained patient... They know me and I know them, but never once have they approached me or contacted me."

    The late Imam, Shaykh Ramadan al-Buti dispels all doubts relating to allegations made against him by a contemporary Syrian scholar that he allowed the viewing of pornographic videos.

    He also questions why said scholars wrote epistles against him and spread them online, yet never once approached him.

  11. Harris786

    Harris786 Veteran

    even worse is when these peoples fan-boys say - what is the issue with refuting sh buti after his passing away? ala hazrat refuted ismail delhwi and ibn tamiyyah.....

    auzubillah - how could you even compare?
  12. Harris786

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  13. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    sh. buti has some aberrations and i too do not agree with some of his positions. mainly in his sharh al-hikam and some other text i don't recall right now. sh. bouti's admirers may challenge me on that, but i am not interested in a debate on this - but to see the difference, you need to read iyqaz al-himam of ibn ajibah, ghayth al-mawahib of al-rundi; mainly sh.buti's sharh comes across as dry and sometimes veering towards the dry. that is my opinion - feel free to disagree. and then there was also his silence regarding the regime, and shaykh yaqubi wrote a public refutation, and i even translated it trusting yaqubi sahib.

    in spite of all this, calling sh.buti as salafi influenced is very unfair; zulm, rather. after he was martyred, i am wont to leave his matter to Allah, as there are things that we may never know. nas'alu Allaha al-aafiyah.

    in any case, shaykh buti cannot be compared to the "mujaddid of the west" hanson and akram nadwi, who is a rank jahil. long ago someone sent me the audio of his 'tahawi classes' and it is incredible how ignorant this nadawi is. if yaqubi sahib does not have the courage to refute this publicly, while dissing reliable ulama for small things,* long after they passed into Allah's mercy - does not look like it is for a sincere purpose. wAllahu a'alam.

    the zeal with which shaykh yaqubi refuted (refutes) sh.bouti in secondary and tertiary issues is missing when it concerns his friends. hamza yusuf may promote perennialist literature and for akram nadawi - an outright wahabi/salafi, shaykh yaqubi sahib writes poems in praise.

    i used to promote shaykh yaqubi and think highly of him. but sadly, no more. i grew up on lore about our upright ulama, reading tabaqat literature and siyar al-a'alam. and alahazrat, of course. so the ideal of a sufi shaykh, or upright ulama is clear for us - i am not impressed by mere popularity or list of achievements.

    here is some of akram nadawi's nonsense refuted:

    even some deobandis refute him:

    a quick search landed me on this page:

    i quickly scrubbed through a couple of videos - and it is amazing how such a poor speaker and ignoramus is promoted so well; if i were not used to indian accents and if my ear was not familiar with english with heavy urdu-accent, i would have hardly understood a word. anyway, the accent is not a big thing, but the way he speaks (content) and the hasty generalisations and oversimplifications distort the picture. he looks more like tahir jhangvi, except that akram seems to have read more.

    *when someone goes out of the path - in matters of deen - and in serious issues, alive or dead, refutation is a must.
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  14. Harris786

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    Mufti Sahib will be answering the questions in Parameters v3.5

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  15. Harris786

    Harris786 Veteran

    Shaykh Muhammad al Yaqoubi has lavishly praised Akram Nadwi - if Waj is a Mufti he should fulfil his responsibilities.

    Waj should now write a Sunni Parameters paper v2 with input from Raja Adnan

    Waj Bandyalvi would not get Akram Nadwi to lecture at his Essential Islam courses?
  16. Harris786

    Harris786 Veteran

    The reality in response to the below is different, which shows that this chip of the block mufti is a liar or he is ignorant of the facts.

    Mufti Munawar spoke to Sh Yaqoubi in Luton on this in front of many people. This was nearly a decade ago and Sh Asrar did the same.

    Sh Asrar spoke with Sh Muhammad about promoting Akram Nadwi in 2008. This was to the face of Sh Yaqoubi in front of witnesses who are still alive and can be named.

    Sh Asrar publicly condemned promotion of Nadwi. Any non condeming prior was due to being unaware of Akram's deviancy and Sh Yaqoubi telling us he was a Sunni.

    What I don’t understand is Sh Bouti was alive back then and Sh Muhammad al Yaqoubi knew and associated with him then.

    Only now 5 years after he passed away Waj decides to refute him. Akram Nadwi is still alive and Hamza Yusuf why doesn’t this mufti and have the courage to write against them?

    as @abu Hasan once wrote

    it does not matter if you were a student of shaykh abda'l Razzaq halabi or even alahazrat himself. what counts is what you learned from them.

    getting ijazahs doesn't mean that one has become a super scholar by mere virtue of ijazahs. many heretics in the first century had ijazahs higher than you can imagine - nay, even higher than your grandshayks - but do they deserve to be followed and respected?

    what is the point of sanad and ijazah or nasab when they are not faithful to the manhaj?

    time alone will tell. this knowledge is nur - and Allah ta'ala will not allow people without sincere intention to reach it. you can show off all that you want but only that which is truth, righteous and sincere will abide. time will tell. and we await. nas'alu Allaha al-aafiyah.

    if you are such a coward that you cannot take astand yourself and condemn the utter kufr of study qur'an, what kind of a scholar are you?screeching and shouting that you are so-and-so'sstudent doesn't automatically invest you with their knowledge or taqwa. you have to prove that you are indeed worthy of being considered theirstudent.

    and for that, you will have to find courage.“
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  17. Harris786

    Harris786 Veteran

    When I spoke to Waj a while back he said

    Shaykh asrar and shaykh mufti munawwar were with shaykh Muhammad at the time.

    Maybe they can explain why the ijaza was given and why they never said anything to shaykh Muhammad when he gave ijaza.

    The explaination is that he studied hadith under shaykh Muhammad and as usual shaykh Muhammad writes a sanad in a poem.

    Its to show that the person has a sanad khaas as supposed to sanad aam.

    In regards to the first bit, my point was when shaykh Mufti Munawwar and Shaykh Asrar did not object at the time or after, yet they continued to promote shaykh Muhammad knowing that he gave ijaza to him.

    Then this shows to me that both have no issueson this issue.

    Because i took bayah well after this ijaza andshaykh asrar was saying that shaykh Muhammadis a qatar sunni and Mifti Munawwar was sayingthat he is the muhaddith of shaam.
  18. Harris786

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    What is the real meaning of freedom? It is to realise servitude to Allah Most High. If this meaning is not found in the revolutionaries and callers for freedom then the revolution is doomed to fail. Imam Bouti warned of this decades ago. The following recording is from the year 1995. Recently an ignoramus from Bradford raised his pen to 'refute' the late Imam claiming he violated the parameters of Ahl alSunna. These are the double standards of these cultists that have no shame in refuting a martyred learned venerable man old enough to be their grandad, but deem it bad manners if a living scholar is corrected on a point. The foresight of Imam Bouti on the issue of the revolution is clear to non-partisan people. As for the claims of the recent article they shall be countered soon, Allah Most High willing. Note: I still wait for these people to refute Akram Nadwi or others that they see as favourable.

  19. Harris786

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    A poorly composed article has been written by Wajid Iqbal claiming Imam Bouti's methodology was influenced by Salafi’s.

    Four points were made.

    1. Rejection of Imam Abdul Qadir's miracle.

    Response: He didn't reject it. He said he was unaware of its authenticity.

    2. Regarding the vision. Imam Bouti narrated the vision of Imam Rifai which counters that.

    3. Facing the Qibla in ziyarah is position of Imam Ghazzali and Shaykh al-Bouti saying do not imitate the ignorant is too broad.

    Imam Bouti saying do not imitate the ignorant is too generic as he could be referring to many ignorant types. He does not refute the position of Imam Malik. This is presumption on the part of Wajid.

    4. His stance on the blessed parents is the same as Imam Suyuti he just says the wording of Durud Ibrahimi cannot be tampered. This is similar to the dispute on adding 'Sayyiduna'.

    This article was written by a partisan cultist to tarnish Imam Bouti and make his methodology seem Salafi.

    The author should refute Wahabis like Akram Nadwi who is a purveyour of innovation.

    Or is that too close to home like Dante promoters?

    - Brother Noori
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  20. Hashim Aftab

    Hashim Aftab New Member

    it's interesting how mufti sahib has 'made time out' to address this issue, you'd be forgiven for thinking it was a matter of imaan and kufr! of course, it's nothing to do with the fact that he is a shadhili, and nothing to do with the fact that sh. yaqoubi recently attacked the late martyr (yet again). although this time, it didn't sit well with the public. initially, sunnis from the uk refuted his slanderous remarks after reading what shaykh buti really said, then dr tawfiq released a video, and then a letter from shaykh abdul aziz of damascus - sh. yaqoubi has not yet responded [i wouldn't hold my breath either].

    it seems to pain sh. yaqoubi that shaykh ramadan al-buti [rahimahullah] has a large following amongst students of knowledge in the uk, and thus a concentrated effort is being made to tarnish his reputation.

    anyhow, now that mufti sahib has 'made time', perhaps he can answer a few more questions:

    1. what is the ruling on an individual who fabricates and/or deliberately alters the wording of a hadith to please his paymasters?

    2. what is ruling on an individual who lavishly praises a disgusting wahabi like akram nadwi? [if shaykh buti's methodology is similar to that of salafism/deobandiism, as you have claimed, then what do you make of this?]

    rest assured, these questions are part and parcel of 'essential islam' and we will hound you to answer them, it is your responsibility to answer these questions and not conceal them from the public:

    'the one who is asked regarding knowledge but conceals it will be bridled on the day of resurrection with a bridle of fire!' - sahih muslim [narrated by sayyiduna abu hurayra]

    you seem to have made ample time to consult a large range of books, amassing a fifteen page document in response to somebody who returned to his Lord over two years ago. these questions, however, will not take much of your time in sha allah.

    fear allah and speak the truth!
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