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    Muhammad's Birth (peace of Allah be upon him)
    by Daniel Abdal Hayy Moore

    About his birth the whole world knows
    in the depths of its atoms.

    Amina bore him and he was immediate
    in his praise of Allah.

    Some say he first did sajda, others
    that he spoke the shahada
    and then was silent.

    Already at birth he was the Prophet of Unity, the
    movie played backwards
    from its glorious end.

    His father Abdallah, from the tribe of Hashim,
    died without seeing him.

    The wet nurse Halima took him to her heart
    and their goat's milk flowed.

    All the desert burst into sumptuous flower
    from his singular presence.

    The nighttime covered him
    with its spangled blanket.

    The day fluffed the wool of its sides for him to
    tend it like huddled sheep.

    A cloud went with him to shade him from the heat
    at the desert saint's surprise banquet.
    (He could see the Prophet's space among the
    caravan leaders and
    called out for him to fill it –
    "Where is the boy who has come, by Allah,
    to show me the Prophet's seal?" – a mole
    it is said, between his shoulder blades, with
    circling hairs like a horse's mane.)

    He grew up trustworthy among men for whom
    this was a difficult quality.

    He took from the cloth of Unity
    the Black Stone of Eternity

    and placed it bodily
    in the side of God's House,

    cornerstone finality,

    stone we kiss

    out of awe of God's Majesty!
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