Muharram 1438: : The Martyrdom of Imam Hussain raDiyAllahu anhu Karbala Thread: Sunni Speeches

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  1. Show your love for Imam e Paak (a.s.) and the Ahlul Bayt by linking here any speeches on the Imam and Karbala as well as manqabat and marsiya and nohay (encomiums, elegies) for Hazrat Sayyidina Hussain ibn Ali (ra).
  2. Here is the speech by Hazrat Allama Muhammad Shafi' OKarvi sahib (ra) based on his book Imam Paak aur Yazeed Paleed (The Pure Imam and Yazid the Impure)


  3. A detailed retelling of the events of Karbala and the martyrdom of the Prince of Both Worlds and the Imam of the Highest Station, Our leigelord Husayn ibn Ali alayhisalam based on the classic book about this event by Hazrat Allamah Muhammad Shafi' Okarvi (ra) entitled Imam Paak (as) aur Yazeed Paleed (la)(the speaker's father).

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