Mujaddid Bin Bayyah at White House

Discussion in 'Links' started by Harris786, Feb 10, 2018.

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    Wonder if Mufti Wajid and Raja Adnaan are with him

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    mr hisham kabbani is the mastermind
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    We know what happened in Afghanistan when Deputy Mujaddid Hamza Younis went to the White House all them years ago. Let's hope and pray the same doesn't happen in Syria
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    brother Ghulam you are such a funny person :D boom boom bin bawa; hamza younis; considering whats happening in Syria, i feel betrayed by my own laughing; in case someone needs information on what webb is up to, let me know
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    Guess the below call is redundant now after Mujjadid e Rawan Sadi's call to the White House and Obama answering it straight away.

    Allah Subhana Wa Taala liberate the Muslim lands; Ameen

    In the name of Allah, Most Compassionate Most Merciful

    A Call to the Commander of the Free Syrian Army (FSA)

    Shaykh Muhammad Al-Yaqoubi

    One and a half years have passed since our people took up arms to defend their religion, land and honour against one of the most savage criminal regimes in the World.

    At this time thousands of heroes from Syria and the Islamic World have aided our people,

    And in relation to the public proclamation of Jihad in Syria which we issued one and a half years ago and today the Ulema Conference issued,

    we urge the leaders of the FSA to implement the following points:

    1. To open recruitment offices for volunteers in some Arab capitals in the region; so that volunteering is done exclusively in the FSA. Disunity is blameworthy; holding onto the rope of Allah Almighty under a one leadership is an obligation.The anarchy we have witnesed must push us towards planning, organising and uniting; as Allah Almighty says, {Indeed, Allah loves those who fight in His cause in a row as though they are a [single] structure joined firmly} (Surah Al-Saff:4).

    2. The Free Army should allocate volunteers into new formations or amalgamate them into already existent brigades as needed according to a well-studied military plan which considers the need of the most affected areas. These newly formed units should be led by military officers bearing expertise and trustworthiness.

    3. A supreme national military court should be established so that military personnel who committ crimes are brought to justice. The court should include 3 judges, 3 jurists and 3 military officers, all of whom should hold expertise and experience in their respective fields.

    4. A recruitment department should be formed which enlists all exisiting fighters and issues military ID cards for them. This department should be based in a liberated region.

    5. Due to the incursion of Iran and Hezbollah, the conflict has entered a new phase wich requires us to develop our capabilities, tactics to accommodate future volunteers from the Islamic World who are eager to support our people against oppression and persecution.
    {And Allah will surely support those who support Him [His religion]. Indeed, Allah is All-Powerful and Exalted in Might} (Surah Al-Hajj:40).
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    Qaradawi on Mujaddid e Rawan Sadi

    'He is Salafī in creed, but he is also a Sūfī, with spiritual inclinations, without monasticism, just as our Shaykh Abū al-Hasan al-Nadwī said that he adopts Sūfism on the basis that it is spirituality, and purification for the soul, and connection with God, Blessed and Exalted is He. Shaykh ‘Abd Allah ibn Bayyah is [thus] between Salafism and Sūfism'

    Like Ali Miyan he is a Wahabbi and a Sufi..

    This is called Minority Aqida and Minority Fiqh a landmark of Global Centre for Renewal and Guidance led by Bawa and Shaykh Hamza Younis

    Next step is 'Minority Deen' a mix of Islam and christianity ... a bit like Mufti Azam Hassoun, Qaid e Inqilab Tahir
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